The default row-column setting of the WP page builder is 50%-50%. With WordPress builder not only can you change the number of rows and columns, you can even customize it.

Click on the “Add Row” option to select the number of Rows and Columns you want for your website page.
Select a particular row and click on the Settings icon to access the Settings tab.

The setting options contains three tabs:

  • General
  • Style
  • Advanced

This tutorial mainly focuses on the how to use the General ROW-COLUMN settings (specially for beginners).
Click on the General tab and select:

  • Screen settings- You can keep the default option or select Row Stretch/ Row and Container Stretch/ Container Stretch Without Gutter.
  • Custom height- Keep the custom height or customize it.
  • Content position- You can select Top/Middle/Bottom for Content position or keep the default one.
  • Custom width- Customize the content width or keep the default width by using the slider.
  • Gutter- Drag the slider to customize the column spacing or keep it at default setting.
  • Animation- Enable/Disable Animation