WP Page Builder has 30+ add-ons to boost your website efficiency.

Click on the “Addons” option on the left sidebar. You will get to see all the addons available for you to use.

You can easily drag and drop addons from the WP Page Builder sidebar option.

To place an addon of the WP Page Builder:

  • Add a new row.
  • Select your addon and drag and drop it to the created row.
  • Go to the addon and click on the settings icon on the left top side of the placed addon to customize.

The addons bring a new range of flexibility to your page and you can use custom settings with each addon.
When you select an addon, the settings tab appears directly:

  • General tab
    > Addon specific general settings to change each and every aspect of the aspect of the addon to suit your website needs.
  • Style tab
    > The style tab is also specific to a particular addon. This setting helps you to customize of the virtual appearance of the addon.
  • Advanced tab
    > The advanced tab is common to all addons. These settings help you change the overall look of the addon.

Example- The Button Group addon

Here is an example of how to select and use an addon. The Button Group is one of the simplest addons to use. You can select how many buttons you want to place in your website using this particular addon.

On selecting the addon and placing it on the desired, the General tab opens. Here you can define the name of the button or if you want to add/delete a new button. You can also select the alignment (left, right, center) of the buttons or no alignment according to your choice.

Go to the style tab to select the visual style aspect of the button group.

You can enable/disable the Typography of the addon here. Enabling the typography allows you to change everything form line height to letter spacing as well all font-related modifications. Also, select the margin of the tab for each device.

The Advanced tab

The advanced tab is common to all addons.
The tab contains options for customizing:
> General
> Style
> Typography
> Background
> Overlay
> Border
> Border Radius
> Box Shadow
> Animation
> Opacity
> Responsive
> Custom CSS

There is a huge range of options in the Advanced tab. For example, choosing the box shadow option here will make the visual appear like this:

Or, select a preferred background for your addon by selecting the background option.

Similarly, combine as many options as you want from the advanced tab section to get the easy website building flexibility using these addons.
You can know about each and every functionality of the addons that WP Page Builder offers here.