Why You Should Have Multiple Instructors for Your Elearning Site & How to Set It up in Tutor LMS

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Do you think having multiple instructors is a good idea? 

Building an online course is generally viewed as a one-person job. Woking on solo projects sounds like an excellent option for people who enjoy freedom. However, many tend to accel much faster when working in a team. 

The idea of having multiple educators in a physical classroom is nothing new. It is verified to be an effective strategy for improving student attention and retention. But as we know, there are several differences between online and in-person learning.

So, how beneficial is it to have multiple instructors, and how can you implement it in your eLearning site? This is the topic of our discussion today, so without further ado, let’s dive right in.

What Are the Benefits of Having Multiple Instructors in Elearning?

Building an efficient and attractive eLearning site is indeed important. But capturing the attention of potential students and giving them a reason to enroll can be even more challenging. 

Growing your online business requires a lot of work, and we all can use some help. When marketing techniques fail, we seek to increase our offerings to attract more customers. This is when having a co-instructor or two is hugely beneficial. So let’s look at the many benefits to your eLearning site of having multiple instructors:

Better Course Management

A common misconception is that having multiple instructors leads to conflicts and mismanagement. Yet, this can not be further from the truth. Having more than one instructor makes course management far more effortless. They can create, conduct and manage their courses. This is also true when instructors collaborate to create a course. 

Exposure to Diverse Teaching Methods

Each instructor introduces a different teaching approach, given their interests, background, and expertise. Variety ensures that students are never bored. It also ensures that learners will likely be exposed to strategies that align with their preferred learning style.

Diversifying your teaching methods also gives you a competitive advantage over the competition. eLearning sites with one or two instructors limit their ability to introduce new course topics and design. An ideal eLearning site should offer as many variations of courses as possible. 

Combined Expertise

Creating a unique and challenging course can be tedious and time-consuming. This is where having multiple instructors pays off. By combining the expertise of two or more instructors, you can create unique and exclusive content.

More Flexible Schedules

Multiple instructors allow for flexible scheduling. This is especially vital if you host live classes or provide round-the-clock support. It becomes easier to accommodate learners from various countries and time zones. With multiple instructors, you can also enroll more students in your live classes.

Workload Sharing

Delegating the right amount of work is vital for work satisfaction. If instructors are overworked, it may impact the quality of the content they produce.


Feedback is an excellent tool for growth if used correctly. Instructors have unique insight and a personal stake in the success of your website, so their feedback is vital. Feedback from learners is also beneficial and should never be overlooked. But with multiple experts on your roster, you can expect more practical and valuable feedback regularly. 

Tutor LMS Multi-instructor Based LMS

Tutor LMS is a robust and feature-packed LMS plugin for WordPress. It allows you to create, share and sell various courses online fast and efficiently. 

It is one of the few multi-instructor-based eLearning solutions available. With Tutor LMS, you can choose to run an educational platform by yourself. Or, many people can collaborate and create an educational institute. 

How To Implement Multi-Instructor Feature in Tutor LMS

Now it’s time to move on to the actual know-how part of the article. In this segment, you will learn how to set up and start adding multiple instructors to an eLearning platform in Tutor LMS. Just follow the four easy steps mentioned below to get started:

Step 1 Enable Multi Instructors Addon

Tutor LMS comes equipped with several add-ons to make your LMS experience satisfying. But the particular add-on we need for our purpose today is the “Multi Instructors” add-on. To enable this feature, navigate to Tutor LMS Pro>Add-ons and enable this component.

Tutor LMS- Muliple Instructor Addon

The add-on features include the following:

  • Course Creation – Your instructors can create courses with unlimited lessons, topics, and quizzes. They can even issue certificates.
  • Assignment Management – Instructors can view, edit, download, and approve assignments of any student enrolled in their course(s).
  • Revenue Sharing – Allow instructors to sell their courses and pay a commission for every course sold.
  • Reports – Each course created by an instructor has its own report showing enlisted users and their progress. This report will become available for instructors.

Step 2 Enable Marketplace Option

The “Enable Marketplace” option in Tutor LMS lets you make a virtual marketplace environment. It enables all instructors to create and publish their courses on your website.

To enable this option, navigate to Tutor LMS Pro>Settings>General and click the “Enable Marketplace” button. Now you’re LMS is ready to accommodate multiple instructors.

Tutor LMS-Market Place Feature

Step 3 Assign Instructor Role

In this step, you will need to create new users with the Tutor Instructor role or assign the instructor role to existing users.

To add new instructors, navigate to WordPress Dashboard>Users>Add New. Fill in the necessary information fields, and don’t forget to select “Tutor Instructor” as their Role. Finally, click the “Add New User” button to finish adding a new instructor to your platform. You can repeat this process to keep adding multiple instructors.

Tutor LMS-Tutor Instructor User Role

Step 4 Course Collaboration (Optional)

In this last step, we will showcase how to enable course collaboration between instructors to create courses faster and better.

As an Administrator, select an existing course or create a new one. Once on the “Edit Course” page, scroll down till you see the “Instructors” box. Click on the “Add Instructors” button.

In the “Add Instructor” menu, type in the instructor’s name in the search box and click the Plus icon. Once all the instructors are selected, click the “Save Changes” button to finalize your selection.

Co-instructors can create new or edit existing lessons, topics, quizzes, and questions in a shared course. They can also perform all other actions to configure course settings on the course edit page.


To conclude, the benefits of multiple instructors outweigh the benefits of having just one. Instructors complement each other by filling the knowledge gap and introducing creative ideas. They also create an efficient expert team and an effective work environment.

Simply put, having multiple instructors on your eLearning site is a very effective way to grow your business.

With Tutor LMS “Multi Instructor Addon,” accommodating many instructors is a breeze. Including features such as fee deduction and revenue sharing can be automated with just a few clicks. 

It’s the right time to upgrade to Tutor LMS and enjoy its many benefits.