How to create a complete movie/video database site with Moview WordPress theme

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Moview is one of the several other special purpose WordPress themes from the house of Themeum. The title is built for those guys who want to create movie or video database websites with celebrity profiles. The theme has a unique design and powerful features to launch and manage vast amount of entertainment data.

I’ve created some video tutorials on how to build a complete video or movie database site with Moview. Here I’ve embedded those clips. Let’s see.

1. Installing the theme and importing demo contents

In the first video, I’ll show how to install the theme, configure core dependency plugins and import the demo contents that you see on our Movie demo site.

2. Building the default homepage layout

After watching the first video, you will have a clear idea of how beautifully we can organize a movie/video database site. Using this experience, we will now build the demo homepage layout for a production/live site. Visual Composer page builder plugin will be used to get it done. The end result is really awesome!

3. Adding a movie or video post

The Moview theme has several post types. Movie post is one of them. It’s a special type of post which is intended to add a movie/video article to the site. That means, suppose you are building a movie database site with Moview. In this purpose, you need to add each single movie item to the database using the Movie post type. The Movie post composer page has lots of fields to tell the audience about the title. You can even add new fields if needed.

4.  Adding a celebrity profile

When you are dealing with movies or other video contents, you must talk about the people who have given their efforts to make these possible. For the above example, a movie has several key persons like the director, actor, actress etc. People are interested in knowing about them too. They are important part of your database site. The following video shows how to add a celebrity profile using Moview.

5. Making movie lists and celebrity lists


You can make a listing page to show the latest movie post items and the celebrity post items. It’s very easy. Just create a new page with the default page template. Then if you want to display movie listing, just place our custom Visual Composer shortcode called ‘Latest Movies Listing’ on the page. For top celebrity listing page, drag and drop our custom Visual Composer shortcode ‘Top Celebrities’ shortcode on the page. Both of these pages need to be edited with Visual Composer. There are other listing options available as well. If you watch the point #2 of this post, you can do it easily with Visual Composer.

We hope you will like Moview. See demo and download Moview here.