Introducing Timeline Addon in WP Page Builder Pro: Create Memorable Timelines Quickly

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You all have been asking for exciting features in WP Page Builder. Since the tool provides advanced functionalities through addons, we researched and decided to develop a new addon for you to create beautiful and stylish timelines on your web pages. 

Let’s meet Timeline addon in WP Page Builder Pro v1.0.7. A brand new addon to create timelines on WordPress sites easily. Showcase progresses and events like company achievements, milestones, product development phases, and more in beautiful timelines with WP Page Builder’s Timeline addon.

You already know, alongside a bulk of useful addons, WP Page Builder offers a wide range of features like library to save custom blocks and addons, nicely designed shape dividers, predesigned templates, built-in blocks, and many more. The latest addon will enrich the plugin even more. 

What Can You Do with the Timeline Addon?

You can create attractive vertical timelines on your WordPress site and style them by changing the texts, colors, titles, images, bullets, and more. These timelines can help you showcase website content in a series. In fact, timelines have plenty of uses when it comes to showcasing events in order.

The common uses of timelines are:

  • Stages of your education, degrees, trainings, and certifications on a personal portfolio site.
  • Phases of product development with each stage details.
  • History of a company, organization, or business in chronological order.
  • Any series of events happening in order.
  • A product lifeline describing releases and updates.

Timeline Addon Features and Functionalities

WP Page Builder’s new Timeline addon brings a world of styling and customization options. You can showcase timeline in different orientations, display events with images, titles, and do even more. Let’s explore some of its exciting features

Content Orientation

With WP Page Builder’s Timeline addon, you can select the content orientation of your timeline. Showcase timeline events in both sides with a bar in the middle. You can select only left or right as content placements. Go as you like.

Add Each Event Individually

Timeline addon lets you add events to timeline one by one. You can style each event of a single timeline differently. This is how you can focus more on a special event that you want the visitors to see more. 

One-click Item Duplication

One-click duplication comes so handy while creating anything on WP Page Builder. In case of the Timeline addon, you can duplicate an event item in a single click and change content with the new event.

Timeline Customization & Styling

WP Page Builder’s new Timeline addon comes with plenty of customization and styling possibilities. You can literally change everything on your timeline. Set content, connector, and spacing differently.

Content: Control timeline image, set color and typography for each individual element. Choose content background color, decide whether to have border and box-shadow. Choose heading tag, setup heading typography, enable/disable date and time, and pick a date & time color.

Connector & Bar: Setup timeline bar, choose bar color, width and so on, Select connector icon, set icon color, icon background color, size, and decide whether to have any connector border.

Spacing: Control the spacing between the content and the bar by defining the horizontal and vertical spacing. 

Take inspiration from the video below.

Creating timelines has been way easier than ever once you have WP Page Builder’s Timeline addon. Since Timeline is a premium addon, you need to have WP Page Builder Pro to access this addon. Get WP Page Builder Pro now. If you have WP Page Builder Pro already, just update to the latest version.