Themeum’s Licensing System Got a Facelift: Find Out What You Need to Know

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In the last few weeks, we’ve been working on upgrading our website. We’ve completely removed all unnecessary clutter from Themeum, which has made load times astronomically faster compared to the old website. We’ve also given a lot of our landing pages a fresh coat of paint to correctly represent updated information, newer design standards, and improve readability. 

But possibly the most drastic change that we’ve made is in the licensing system of Themeum’s products. You’ll probably find it easy to use, but just in case you don’t, let’s go through all things new and improved with our licensing system.

How to Use The New Licensing Page

You can access your licenses by hovering on the top right context menu and then clicking on Licenses. This will take you to the license management page where you can view, generate and remove licenses. Or, just click here.

To create a new license, simply click on the “Add Website” button.

Then, paste the URL where you will be using this license. 

After you paste the URL and press the Add button, a license key will be generated in the list. 

To use it on your website, press on the copy icon which will copy the key to your clipboard and then paste it in the licensing area (inside WP Admin panel) of our plugin or theme.

If you have purchased an Unlimited License plan, simply click on Regenerate to generate unique keys for your different sites

Deactivate: You can also deactivate this license key, which will disconnect the specified website from our licensing system and will no longer receive updates. This key’s status will then be marked as inactive.

Regenerate: There is another option to regenerate a license key in case one gets stolen or otherwise compromised.

Edit Domain: You can also edit the domain in case you changed your mind on the domain name, or if you decide to use it on a different domain. 

How to Use The New Downloads Page

The Downloads page contains all of your files as well as older versions of each product that you own. To access the downloads page, click on Downloads on the same context menu as last time. Here, you’ll find all your purchased products.

For the plugins in this list, you can download the latest version directly, choose to download a previous version, or view the changelog.

If you are a proud owner of the theme bundle, you can find all the theme files by clicking on “View Downloads” in the theme bundle card. Similar to the products page, you can download previous versions or view changelogs for all versions.

Why The Sudden Change?

Well. it’s no secret that Themeum’s ye ‘olde licensing system was showing its age. Admittedly, it was pretty no-hassle and didn’t really require an advanced user to figure out. Just copy and paste it to the plugin and you’re connected. But that doesn’t really bring value to you, the user, who expects more from an otherwise state of the art software experience from Themeum. 

This update to Themeum’s licensing system addresses several key issues that were not only stale and aging practices, but also occasionally caused issues to premium users.

  • Manually copying license key: In the old licensing page, you had to manually copy using a mouse cursor and then manually paste to your WordPress backend. This caused problems when a user would mistakenly (but understandably) copy an extra space here or there. Doing that resulted in an incorrect key input and would not let the user validate the license.
  • Sometimes showed multiple or duplicate license keys: If you bought a few license keys for the same product, the system showed duplicate entries to the same license containing the same license key. This, obviously isn’t expected behavior and we’ve made some internal fixes that address the issue. 
  • Only the latest version download link: The Themeum website, at the moment, only allows you to download the latest version of all our products. This isn’t a great approach as we should always give you the option to pick which version suits you well. After talking to a lot of you in the past, we’ve come to the conclusion that most use a lot of plugins on their production site. And by a lot, I mean A LOT. Therefore, it’s completely normal for other plugins to have conflicts with ours when we publish our latest builds, while the previous builds were working perfectly. Addressing these issues usually takes us a week which is not great for your production site’s reliability. 
  • No way to view the domains where it was used: If you subscribed to a multi-domain license, there was no way to keep track of which sites your license key was used on. Especially if you have an unlimited domain license, there are always chances of your license key leaking and other people using it for their own site for free. We needed a solid way of preventing that in the future.

New Changes

  • Click to copy: The newest license keys will have a revolutionary, never before seen copy button that you’ve definitely never seen before (we’re being sarcastic here, in case you hadn’t noticed).
  • Older version download: Next to each of your order, we’ve added a complete list of version downloads if you ever need to perform a rollback of any of our plugins on your website.
  • View all changelogs with update date: You don’t need to go looking at your newsletters, or landing pages to find the latest changelog for our plugins or themes. All changelogs will now be available next to the download button. This will help you keep updated with your favorite Themeum products.
  • View all domains where code was used: All domains where your license key was used will be shown here to help you keep track easily. This list can be viewed by going to.
If multiple domain license, it will show the same expiry date on all domains as the subscription starts from date of purchase, not date of activation

Wrapping Up

What are your thoughts on the new coat of paint on our licensing system? Will it save you from hassle the next time you use our products on one of your projects? Let us know in the comments below!