WP Mega Menu Gets a Security Fix: Update Yours Now

1 Min Read

Greetings, WP Mega Menu Users! Thank you so much for supporting your favorite plugin. We are here again with another important update. Also, we would especially like to thank Ramuel Gall and Wordfence, as today’s update is the result of their kind feedback. So, here we go!

Recently we’ve got a request from wordfence.com regarding a security check. On a priority basis, we’ve solved the issues and thus are able to create a more robust and secure experience for our users. This update adds a capability check to this plugin. As a result, from now on, by default, users with the admin roles are only allowed to get edit access to the menu builder. Also, the API requests are filtered via the administrator capability check. 

People assigned with other roles like editors, moderators can’t change, add or delete anything even with programmatic requests. Though they can sign in to the admin panel and perform their other tasks without any issues. To be able to edit anything on the menu they need to have a manual access override. That can be done manually via custom code and privileges or you can simply use a user access management plugin. We recommend the User Role Editor plugin.

Wrapping Up

With each update, we try to make our user experience improved while keeping everything simple. We believe our update today will let you feel more secure with WP Mega Menu.

Still, if you have any tips and suggestions do not forget to share them in the comments section. Like always, we would love to make them happen in real!