Skillate Update: New Customization Options for Core Blocks Along with Other Improvements

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Today we’re so glad to bring another stream of updates to your favorite LMS theme “Skillate” with brand new feature sets. Some of these new options were requested by you, the users. We are really excited to implement them in this update.

With this release, we are pushing the Skillate theme version to v1.1.2 and the Skillate Core plugin to v1.1.0.

For your convenience, we have added the changelog below.

  • New: Multi-category selection option added to Course Listing block
  • New: Order by Query option added to Course Listing block
  • New: Offset, Include, Exclude Query options added to Course Listing block
  • New: Multi-category selection option added to Category Listing block
  • New: Order by Query option added to Course Tab block
  • New: Offset Query option added to Course Tab block
  • New: Button color option in login modal
  • Update: Course fetching mechanism improved in several Skillate core blocks
  • Update: Google social login icon changed
  • Update: Demo data content
  • Fix: Mobile splash screen login button not working

Enhanced Skillate Core Blocks

As you might already know, Skillate has several dedicated Gutenberg blocks. Today we’ve updated them with new features and options. Let’s explore one by one!

Bunch of New Features in Course Listing Block

Below is the list of features that we have added to the Skillate Course Listing block.

Multi-category Selection Option: Now you have the option to select multiple categories to show courses in your course listing. That’s right- you can choose to display courses from multiple categories. Just select or search for the category and set it in the box.

Order By: Along with being able to select multiple categories, you can also select their ordering. You can choose an ascending order or a descending order.

Offset: Offset means if you want to negate something from your listing or offering. Define the number of courses you don’t want to show on a first come first serve basis. You can set the number using the given slider or set it manually.

Include/Exclude: If you wish to include or exclude a specific course from the list you can now do that using the Include/Exclude option with its course ID. Get your course ID from the course list found in the Tutor LMS menu.

Multi-category Selection Option in Category Listing Block

With the latest update, we have also added a new multi-category selection option (similar to the Course Listing block) to the Category Listing block as well. You can select multiple categories of courses that you want to show in the category listing. You can either search for them or select them from the dropdown menu.

Additions in Course Tab Block

In the Skillate Course Tab block, you will find the following new options.

Order By: In the Course Tab block, now set your courses by the order you want. You can go for an ordering option by date, Course ID, Title, Random, Modified, and Name. Select the option that you want from the dropdown menu and apply it.

Offset Query: Again, if you wish to omit a certain number of courses in a sequential manner then from now on you can use the ‘Offset Query’ option. Set the number using the slider or you can also set it manually.

If you are interested in learning more about the Skillate core blocks, you can check out this documentation.

Miscellaneous Changes

Apart from the above mentioned improvements, you will find a few more new settings in Skillate. There is now an option to change the button color for the login modal from the theme appearance settings. And also we have updated the Google icon for the social login feature of Skillate.

Update Today

To enjoy all these amazing improvements, update Skillate to the latest version today. You will find the update notification in your WordPress dashboard.

If you have any queries, please feel free to comment down below. Stay with us for future updates.