Skillate Update: 21 New Customization Options, Multiple Fixes, and More

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Skillate update v1.1.3

Today we have exciting news for all the Skillate theme users. Your favorite LMS theme is getting a big update with lots of new features. Your feedback has been really helpful for our development team in incorporating your requested functionalities.

Here’s the full changelog if you want to get an overall idea of Skillate v1.1.3

  • New: Slider item count, option to add text, enable/disable review, and 3 more customization options for the single course page.
  • New: Enable/disable featured course, select the number of featured columns, enable/disable featured slider opacity, and 12 more customization options for the course listing page.
  • Fix: Fatal error for the last version of Skillate (v1.1.2)
  • Fix: The course topic summary didn’t collapse on the homepage.
  • Fix: Social login button disable option didn’t work.
  • Fix: Switcher issue on Customizer.

To help you get the hang of all the new features you can check out their descriptions below.

6 New Customization Options for Single Course Page

With the latest update of Skillate, we are introducing 6 new customization options to give you greater freedom in making your LMS theme the way you want. From now, on the single course page, you can customize the following options.

  • Best Selling Tag: You can enable/disable the option to show the best selling course tag.
  • Course Details Rating: Enable/disable if you want to show the course ratings given by the students in the related course slider.
  • Single Course Sticky Menu: Enable/disable the single course sticky menu depending upon your requirements using this setting.
  • Related Course Slider: Enable or disable the related course slider depending on your needs.
  • Related Course Slider Total Items: Set the number of related courses you want to show in the slider.
  • Related Course Title: Set the title of the suggested courses with your own texts. 

15 New Customization Options for Course Listing Page

Just like the single course page, in the course listing, we are also adding a huge number of customization features for you. With the latest update, you will be able to control the following stuff.

  • Featured Slider: Enable/disable the featured courses slider section.
  • Featured Slider Title: Set the featured courses slider section title with your own text.
  • Featured Slider Total Items: Set the featured courses total item number using the number box from this setting.
  • Featured Slider Column: Select the number of columns you want to show. You can choose from 4 to 7 columns for your courses.
  • Slide Center Mode: Enable/disable if you want to show the slider in the center.
  • Slider Opacity Disable: Enable/disable the slider opacity using this toggle button.
  • Course Filter Title: Set the course filter option title using this text box.
  • Sidebar Filter Enable: Choose if you want to enable/disable the sidebar filtering option for your users for the courses.
  • Course Sorting Bar: Course sorting bar allows the user to sort the courses by Newest, oldest, title, and so on. You can use this option to enable/disable it.
  • Level Filter: This option will allow you to enable/disable the course level filtering option that is found on the sidebar.
  • Enable Price Filter: This option will allow you to enable/disable the price filtering option that is found on the sidebar.
  • Course Pagination: You can turn on or off pagination for the course listing page.
  • Instructor Slider: Enable/disable the slider showing the instructors depending upon your requirements.
  • Instructor Slider Title: Set the title of the instructor slider section from this text box.
  • Instructor Slider Title Link Text: Add a link to the title of the instructor title text from this box.

Miscellaneous Changes and Fixes

Apart from the mentioned new features we also fixed multiple issues with the new Skillate v1.1.3 and made the theme better performing than before. 

  • Fix: FATAL ERROR happened when users installed the new version of Skillate 1.1.2 (Downgrading manually helped).
  • Fix: The course topic summary didn’t appear on the course homepage although it did appear on the lesson page.
  • Fix: The social login disable button didn’t work properly.
  • Fix: Some theme customizer switch fields were not working properly.

Update Your Skillate Theme

To get the best experience of your Skillate theme, update today to the latest version v1.1.3 and up your game. If you face any problem, let us know. Comment down below with your thoughts and stay tuned for future updates.

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