5 WordPress Themes’ Core Plugins Get Native-update Functionality

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5 WordPress Themes’ Core Plugins Get Native-update Functionality

Hello WordPress folks! Hope you are doing well. Today we got a bunch of updates for you related to your favorite themes from Themeum. With today’s release, we are introducing the native WordPress update support for 5 of our themes’ core plugins.

WordPress comes with a powerful update system. It works for both WordPress itself along with its themes & plugins. In the dashboard, you will find the update options. So far, our themes’ core plugins didn’t have support for the native WordPress update system, meaning you required to upload the latest core plugin manually to apply any update to them. 

After getting today’s update, you will be able to use WordPress’ native update system for those core plugins in the future.

Here’s a list of the themes for which we’re updating the core plugins in today’s release.

Please note, we have added a script for the native update functionality to the latest core plugins of the above-mentioned themes. If you are a user of any of these themes, update its core plugin manually for the last time. After that, future updates will be available via native WordPress update dashboard for these core plugins.

To get your theme’s core-plugin-updates after applying today’s update, simply visit the Updates section of the Dashboard on your WordPress site. You will get it there. Simply update your Themeum theme’s core plugin to the latest version just by clicking the update button from the notification.

If you have any questions, comment down below. You can also check out the other awesome themes from Themeum.

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