WP Crowdfunding Gets Highly Requested Update With Fixes & Improvements

1 Min Read

WP Crowdfunding is one of our most popular plugins. It’s your all-in-one solution for building a crowdfunding site on WordPress. We’ve been receiving your constant feedback regarding how it can be improved further. After working hard on those feedbacks, today we are extremely happy to announce that we got an update for you. Both the free and premium versions of the plugin have been updated.

You will start to notice a better crowdfunding site-management experience once you install the latest version. Please check out the changelogs below to learn more details.

WP Crowdfunding Free 2.0.3 Changelog

  • Update: Redesign for WooCommerce & WP Crowdfunding Pro notices on dashboard 
  • Fix: Received rewards column issue in user’s pledges menu on dashboard
  • Fix: Campaign detail page broken issue
  • Fix: Issue with hiding WooCommerce products from the shop page  
  • Fix: Campaign update status line break issue
  • Fix: Color option in campaign submit form button 
  • Fix: Issue with separating crowdfunding category form on frontend
  • Fix: Welcome email for new account not working properly
  • Fix: ‘get_author_name’ function issue
  • Fix: Owner dashboard column CSS issue
  • Fix: Author name missing in full bio lightbox issue
  • Fix: Withdraw request design
  • Fix: Spelling mistake in the plugin interface
  • Fix: Submit form shortcode filter
  • Fix: Few CSS issues

WP Crowdfunding Pro 11.1.4 Changelog

  • Update: Stripe Connect addon updated with the newest library functions
  • Update: Payments menu now shows only on premium version instead of both free & pro versions
  • Fix: Stripe WooCommerce issue fixed with updated functions
  • Fix: Default email header removed
  • Fix: Crowdfunding target reached email reliability
  • Fix: Automatic deposit enabled even if the option was turned off
  • Fix: Disabling WooCommerce generated a fatal error
  • Fix: Few CSS issues

The updates for both the versions are available to you right now. Get the latest versions today to experience all the improvements. Tell us what you think about the newest updates and what you want to see in the future. Stay safe!