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WP CrowdfundingThe Ultimate Fundraising WordPress Plugin


The world’s most loved WordPress
crowdfunding plugin

WP Crowdfunding is a revolutionary WordPress plugin that helps you create a fundraising or backer site with WordPress. This plugin is based on WooCommerce. It has a native wallet system for accepting local payments. WP Crowdfunding has the facility to split the money through Stripe Connect. This fundraising WordPress plugin gives you a theme completely free with its pro package. It’s a full fledged crowdfunding system.
Raise Funds

Raise Funds

WooCommerce Based

WooCommerce Based

Native Wallet

Native Wallet

Stats & Reports

Stats & Reports

Based on WooCommerce

WP Crowdfunding uses the power of WooCommerce to accept and manage pledges from backers. We’ve deeply paired the world’s renowned e-commerce system for WordPress with our crowdfunding plugin.
Sets up the backing mechanism inside

Sets up the backing mechanism inside

Intuitive functionalities for backers and admins

Intuitive functionalities for backers and admins


Native Wallet System

WP Crowdfunding Native Wallet system keeps track of funds raised on a crowdfunding project. The project owner can send a withdraw request to the admin after raising a certain amount of money. It calculates the withdrawable project funds, website commissions and generates statistics.

Stripe Connect

Stripe Connect payment system is very useful for crowdfunding sites to seamlessly send the money to the project owner and the admin at a time(as configured). WP Crowdfunding offers this facility by supporting Stripe Connect.

Frontend Operations

From registration to the project submission form, everything is frontend in WP Crowdfunding. Users can add or update projects in a comfortable interface.

Money Management

WP Crowdfunding offers a versatile money management system. Payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, cards, all are supported.
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WP Crowdfunding Plugin

WP Crowdfunding Plugin

Campaign Owner

  • 1 Sign up & Start a Campaign
  • 2 Define Target Goals and Timeline
  • 3 Get Admin Approval
  • 4 Get Approved
  • 5 Raise Funds from Campaign
  • 6 Check Status from Dashboard
  • 7 Request for Fund Withdrawal
  • 8 Withdraw Fund


  • 1 Select Desired Campaign
  • 2 Choose Rewards
  • 3 Pick A Payment Method
  • 4 Donate Anonymously or Visibly
  • 5 Place Order or Donate
  • 6 Track Campaign Status
  • 7 Receive Final Product (Optional)

Website Admin

  • 1 Configure Payment Gateway
  • 2 Receive Campaign Requests
  • 3 Review and Approve Requests
  • 4 Set Commission Amount
  • 5 Receive Pledges/Donations
  • 6 Process Withdrawal Requests
  • 7 Check Status of Each Campaign
  • 8 Distribute Funds

Addon List

Powerful addons to extend WP Crowdfunding
functionalities in a flash




Stay away from all spam comments and unauthorized login attempts by reCAPTCHA


Stripe Connect

Seamlessly send the money to the project owner and the admin at a time


Reports & Stats

Show detailed stats and reports of the campaigns running on your crowdfunding platform


Native Wallet

Built-in system to track pledges and distribute payment amounts to the stakeholders

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WP Crowdfunding Pro

Why Pro Version? Basic Pro
Free $149
Dedicated User Registration
Project Update Option
Backer List
Fund Raise Meter
Process by WooCommerce
Funding any Amount
Only Donate Mode
Pay full to Campaign Owner
Stripe Connect
Native Wallet
Frontend Project Submission Form
Project Start & End Date Options
Declare a Funding Goal
Unlimited Rewards
Free Theme Included
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V.11.1.220 August 2019

Bug Fix

Fixed: wallet addon bug

V.11.1.102 August 2019


Backward compatibilities

Unnecessary console log

V.11.1.031 July 2019


AuthorizeNet addon

Stripe connect addon

Bug Fix

Empty data design issue in payment, deposit and backed campaign page

V.11.0.706 May 2019


New: 3 new templates added to the Email add-on

New: WPML support added


Update: Social Share add-on gets more sharing options

Update: Reward range input field added

Update: Reward sorting for fixed amounts

Update: Stripe DeAuthorize button added

Update: Day to go conditions

Update: PayPal Adaptive option removed

Bug Fix

Fixed: Enable/Disable wallet deposit dashboard issue

Fix: Search shortcode issue

Fix: Empty image problem in profile

Fix: Non-crowdfunding product coupon problem

Fix: User profile issue

Fix: Days counter issue

Fix: Language clarity improved

Fix: Translating issue

Fix: CSS issue

V.11.0.616 Mar 2019

Bug Fix

Fixed: Contributor’s name as Anonymous issue

Fixed: 2 checkout payment Vendor.js issue

Fixed: Displaying selected Rewards on the checkout page issue

Fixed: Campaign owner count issue

Fixed: Showing campaign end method on the campaign single page issue

V.11.0.527 Dec 2018


Draft campaign now editable by user in frontend dashboard

Bug Fix

Fixed: A Wallet deposit Bug

Fixed: Reward choosing bug from campaign single page, it's now showing proper selected reward in everywhere

Fixed: Resolve conflict in stripe.checkout from wp crowdfunding stripe connect/

V.11.0.026 Sep 2018


Added: Native wallet deposit features, users can now donate to campaign using wallet balance

Added: Donate Button, any where it can be place this donation button via shortcode.

Added: Popular campaigns shortcode

Added: Author Campaigns lists with a separate URL for author single page to show all of campaigns by author

Added: Prevent Campaign Donate before Start date, it will show a countdown to launch campaign

Added: Add Image, Video, Shortcode support in Campaign Update lists


Improved: Performance and functionality

Improved: Properly used campaign start date and end date

Updated: It was randomly Disappear

Improved: Reward year input and output

Improved: Separated days to go and days until launch in campaign

Bug Fix

Fixed: Some resource http to https

Fixed: Problem with anonymous payment

Fixed: On click view author profile on modal at campaign single page

Fixed: Several count function issue to support PhP 7.0

Fixed: Several meta call

Fixed: Updated, it was randomly Disappear

Fixed: the_content filter for show reward form in right sidebar, It Removed the_content for show reward sidebar form,

it's moved to template

Fixed: Bug on the WP Crowdfunding plugin, some closing div need ending

V.10.3.019 Jun 2018


Added: Admin can now review backers profile

Added: Single File Templating Overwriting in Theme (wpneotemplate)

Added: Crowdfunding own category

Added: License Expire Date


Renamed: Two Button Name in report export button

Bug Fix

Fixed: Placing predefined donate amount after comma separator

Fixed: Spelling Plages to Pledges

Fixed: User can't modify submitted campaign

Fixed: Short-code does not work in campaign single page

Fixed: Few translate issue in wpneotemplate

Fixed: The HTML issue Reward sidebar

Fixed: Frontpage My Profile profile picture button hide the Upload button when user is not in edit mode

Fixed: Image upload bug, `$user_signon = wp_signon( $info, false );` to `$user_signon = wp_signon( $info, true );`

Fixed: submit-form.php, $meta_count = $reward_data_array; replaced with $meta_count = is_array($reward_data_array) ?

count($reward_data_array) : 0; (PHP 7.0 compatible)

Fixed: Embed code does not work in campaign single page

Fixed: Change License Page Form Field Name

V.10.2226 May 2018


Added: Predefined Donation Amount Placed in single campaign page

Added: Live update with license system in the Pro Version

Added: WooCommerce Email templating for send notification to backers, campaign owner, admin

Added: Single product shortcode, now campaign single page can placed to any posts, pages or any others places

Added: Campaign preview box shortcake

Added: Add-on to pay campaign owner 100%, (Using PayPal standard)

Added: Dynamic Redirect Url after registration success

Bug Fix

Fixed: Spelling mistake in crowdfunding dashboard

Fixed: HTML Tag bug on single page

Fixed: Withdraw button at wallet add-on

Fixed: Accessing some static id to method, example => Replaced $order->id with $order->get_id()

Fixed: Bug at Stripe Connect API

Fixed: http issue in https website

Fixed: Some spacing

Fixed: Dashboard Bug

V.10.1716 Mar 2018


Performance Improved

Bug Fix

Fixed a bug in dashboard reports

V.10.1628 Feb 2018


Added Logout Link


Removed Unused Code

Bug Fix

Fixed some known bugs

V.10.1524 Jan 2018


Project status chart added


Dashboard completely redesigned

Bug Fix

Wallet issue fixed

Profile image issue fixed

Translation Problem fixed

CSS issue fixed

V.10.1410 Dec 2017


Date Support Arabic Date Transform

Remove Link From Promotional Page


Iframe export / Embed Option Add

HTML Reward Support

Reward Unicode Supported

Campaign Update Unicode Supported

Currency Switcher Supports

Fraction Value Supports For Payments

Bug Fix

Billing Name Issue Fixed

Reward Responsive Issue Fixed

Person Image Error Issue Fixed

Anonymous Checkout Problem Fixed

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