About Themeum

No matter the use case, we aim to solve our customer’s toughest challenges and help them create meaningful digital experiences.

About Us

The Story

Themeum started with a small group of people who wanted to bring about change. Ever since it’s launch in 2013, the company has grown leaps & bounds with hundreds of thousands of downloads, a huge following and representatives around the world. As we grow each day, we help our community be better every day.

The Mission

To offer new edge technology in the shape of our products. No matter how many market trends are changing in this fast-paced world, you’ll find Themeum providing you with real solutions. We empower WordPress users through our innovation.

Themeum Story

Our Story

Our journey into WordPress stemmed from humble beginnings. From creating themes to creating enterprise-level eLearning plugins, we have gone through a rollercoaster of a journey. We always strive towards perfection with our products. Here at Themeum, we believe we have a responsibility to our WordPress community to create products that make the world a better place for us all.


Sohan Zakaria

Crafting WordPress products with a focus on User Experience.
[email protected]

Values to live by

Treating people who work with us and for whom we work with respect & humility is our truest core value. To create an organization that we are proud of every day. To simplify, innovate & communicate without inhibitions to provide a product to our customers which they deserve.


Open company, no bullshit


Build with heart and balance


Play, as a team


Be the change you seek