The #1 Customizer Toolkit for WordPress Theme Developers

30+ Customizer Controls

With 30+ custom controls and counting at your disposal, chances are Kirki has what you need. Take a look at what's available.

A Developer's Toolkit

Simplified CSS generation, Live Previews, and more make building themes using the WordPress Customizer easier than ever.

Clean Code

Kirki is 100% compliant with WordPress Coding Standards and we continue to improve performance and security.

Kirki Features

Increased Performance

Kirki adds an optimization layer that is not built into WordPress. Kirki only loads the controls once you interact with them.

Simplified API

The WordPress Customizer API can be quite confusing. We’ve simplified the process of adding new controls to the Customizer!

CSS Generation

We automatically created the necessary CSS based on the controls that are configured in the WordPress Customizer.

postMessage Generation

Kirki automatically genereates postMessage scripts for you for an instant live-preview.

Partial Refresh

Kirki seamlessly supports the WordPress Customizer’s partial refresh feature.

Conditional Logic

Show and hide Customizer controls conditionally.

GDPR Compliant

Kirki is GDPR compliant & stores Google Fonts locally on your server.

Page Speed

Kirki stores Google Fonts locally for the best possible performance and page speed test results.

Kirki PRO

Create the customizer experience your customers deserve with Kirki PRO extensions.

Developers love Kirki

Kirki is the developer’s choice. Don’t take our word for it

What Users Love About Kirki

  • "Kirki does just what I want it to, and was just what I searched for. Perfect for making themes with a flexible customizer panel. Thank you for this, it’s kickass."

    Alexander Agnarson
  • "Kirki makes theme development and usage so much easier, making happy both user and developer."

  • "Great plugin! Great support! I highly recommend this plugin to anyone developer. Thanks again for the help and all you do."

  • "Kirki is an awesome tool for theme developers to make highly customizable themes easily. There are a lot of fields, is very stable, and is very easy to use."

    Allyson Souza

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