Themeum’s 2023 Wrap-Up: An Ode to a Year Full of Innovation

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‘Tis the season to commemorate yet another productive year — alas, it feels like we welcomed it only yesterday but now it’s already time to wrap it up with a bow!

Nevertheless, 2023 for Themeum was a year full of innovation including new product launches, groundbreaking updates, and more!

As such, it is only right to dedicate a proper ode to this era before we bid it farewell. So without further ado, let us enter a time-lapse and flip back to all the exciting happenings of this past year!

Highly Anticipated Launch of Droip

Highly Anticipated Launch of Droip

The eagerly anticipated launch of Droip has got to be one of the biggest highlights of the year for Themeum and rightfully so!

Immeasurable time & effort have been invested into creating the powerful, multifaceted editor for WordPress.

And the end result is Droip — a no-code website builder that gives you granular level control over your website design and behavior.

With the help of this editor, designing, maintaining, and upscaling your website is easier than ever before!

So let us take this moment to unpack Droip & get a better look at its true capabilities.

Noteworthy Features

Armed with a myriad of powerful features, Droip has the potential to transform how users build their websites for the better.

Drag & Drop Editor

The world is your oyster using Droip’s Drag & Drop Editor as it lets you visually compose your website pages however you like! 

Speedily craft the blueprint of your webpages using premade layouts and structural elements and ensure its responsiveness using limitless Breakpoints and Custom Breakpoints.

Then, drag & drop any element into your canvas to insert them and adjust their style all the while viewing it in real time.

Central Media Manager

Use the central media hub i.e. the Media Manager to easily manage all your media and even get access to various Image Libraries, the Clip-path & Shape Editor, the Icon Library, and more.

Plethora of Style Options

From Typography to Transformation, customize the look of your website down to the nitty-gritty using a whole host of style options available at your fingertips.

Get creative using Google Fonts & Custom Fonts, Linear, Radial, & Conic Backgrounds, a range of CSS filters, and more to design unique visuals.

Tailored Website Interactions

Liven up your website using a plethora of predefined options from the Animation Library or tailor Interactions to your exact instructions using the Custom Response Interaction Editor!

That’s Not All!

And all of that is just the tip of the iceberg! With usability being Droip’s top priority, various options related to Canvas Control, Accessibility, SEO, and more are available to take user experience to even newer heights.

Taking Tutor LMS to New Heights

Taking Tutor LMS to New Heights

Our pride and joy, Tutor LMS has made a name for itself in the WordPress community as the one-stop solution to eLearning. As it continues to grow, the plugin has undergone several transformations, including a major design overhaul.

This year, we’ve kept the ball rolling and brought about several new additions to Tutor LMS’ repertoire that have redefined its capabilities for the better!

Notable Enhancements

Below is a list of Tutor LMS’s notable enhancements made this year so let’s not beat around the bush and take a look at what we’ve got!

Bunnynet Integration

Bunnynet is a platform that offers high-speed bufferless video streaming through Bunny Stream.

With the Bunnynet Integration, you can store your Tutor LMS videos in a more robust and secure space, ensuring that students can access videos from anywhere around the world without facing any trouble loading up.

WeGlot Add-on

Language barriers are a thing of the past with the new WeGlot add-on! Now you can easily translate your course content into multiple languages using its user-friendly interface and manage those translations without the need for programming skills.

ChatGPT Integration

With the new ChatGPT integration, get AI-generated content for your course descriptions in a jiffy! Doing so not only speeds up the course creation process but also ensures the quality of any promotional text for your course making it all the more professional. 

Social Login

Users can now start their eLearning journey immediately with the new Social Login option using their accounts on Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Now that a convenient new alternative to registration is available, users are bound to sign up more readily!

Course Bundle Add-on

A highly requested feature, the Course Bundle add-on is finally here to shake things up! Using this add-on, you can bundle related courses together to not only boost sales but also streamline students’ learning!

Video Lesson Completion Control

Ensure students complete courses properly using the latest video lesson completion control features which prevent students from skipping video lessons.

This includes options like restricting students from completing video lessons until they’ve watched a specified length & restricting forward seeking within a specified length.

Tutor LMS Elementor Add-on Update

The Tutor LMS Elementor Add-on has also been updated to now include 8 brand new widgets related to Course Bundles!

With the help of these widgets, you can now easily customize your Course Bundle pages to your heart’s content!

And More!

Apart from the aforementioned additions, a plethora of key security features have also been incorporated into Tutor LMS such as Sign Up Email Verification, ReCaptcha, Honeypot, Two-Factor Authentication, Active Login Sessions Management, and more to ensure the best security for your Tutor LMS website.

Tutor LMS Migration Tool Now Supports Lifter LMS!

The Tutor LMS Migration Tool now supports migration from Lifter LMS!

This is excellent news for users of the plugin who want to switch over to Tutor LMS because now you can seamlessly migrate your courses and all things related with just a few clicks!

Tutor LMS Active Installations Hits 80K+

Tutor LMS Active Installations Hits 80K+

They say with great effort comes great joy. We are absolutely over the moon to announce that Tutor LMS has hit another major milestone of 80,000 active installations!

What’s more, the plugin has seen to a rise of 18,000 new users in just 2023!

A big round of applause to us and you as well because it was our joint effort that made these achievements a reality!

We’d like to sincerely relay our thanks for all the feedback and support you’ve given us over the years.

Welcomed Kirki to the Themeum Family

Welcomed Kirki to the Themeum Family

Earlier this year we also welcomed a new member into the Themeum family, Kirki — a theme customizer framework for WordPress!

Boasting a whopping 600,000+ active installations, the plugin is part of the cream of the crop in the WordPress industry. Lending to its intuitive UI and wide range of features, it is theme developers’ go-to choice for building and enhancing themes on WordPress.

With Themeum’s expertise in the field and Kirki’s boundless potential, we believe this combination will bring about something revolutionary!

Production of Quality Content

Production of Quality Content

Like every year, the team here at Themeum had their noses on the grind in our quest to churn out quality content for our audience, and equally as important, was the goal to bring existing resources up to date!

Straight off the bat, this year we’ve produced 10 more informative video tutorials for the Tutor LMS Academy and extended our video repertoire to include Youtube Shorts where we showcase various Tutor LMS tips & tricks!

All of this has resulted in an awesome increase of more than 70% in views compared to the previous year!

Alongside that, we’ve also been able to publish countless articles on our blog on a comprehensive range of topics as well as completely overhauled the Tutor LMS & other product documentation from start to finish!

Happy Customers, Happy Team

Happy Customers, Happy Team

At the end of the day, everything we do is with the intent of satisfying our customers and also bringing in quality-of-life improvements that they never imagined.

With that said, nothing motivates us more than actually seeing our goal being achieved in the form of positive feedback from our customers. So let’s use this opportunity to take a look at some riveting stats!

To start, this year Tutor LMS received 500+ reviews with 85% of users awarding the plugin a full 5-star review! On TrustPilot, Themeum also boasts an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 with 92% reviewers giving it 5 stars!

And that’s not all. The Tutor LMS Facebook Community is also taking off, having reached 5.7K members this year.

Customers Benefited Through Support

Customer support plays a major role when it comes to customer satisfaction so we of course have to highlight some notable statistics in that regard.

In 2023, a whopping 19,788 tickets were resolved which is almost a 40% increase from last year.

In a similar vein, a total of 45,799 replies were sent to customers and we were able to help a total of 13,782 customers during this time.

Hopes for the Future

2024 is fast approaching and our overall aim for the next year is to go for a more focused approach by conserving resources and concentrating on our key products.

With this strategy in place, we hope to bring even more creative ideas to the table in the upcoming year.

In other exciting news, we also hope to embark on a new journey with Tutor LMS by migrating it to its very own domain separate from the Themeum website very soon!

Our goal with this move is to strengthen Tutor LMS’ brand recognition and lessen the confusion of our prospective users. 

Wrapping Up

And that’s the end of our temporal adventure! Looking back, 2023 was an absolute whirlwind, brimming with innovation and growth and we hope it was the same for you and yours.

However, all good things must come to an end and the hour has come to bid the year farewell for the final time!

But as they say, the end of something only makes way for the start of something new so sit back and keep an eye out for what the future holds for Themeum!