Refund Policy - Themeum

Refund policy

Our effort to make our customers satisfied is untiring. But regardless of what we provide, you may not be satisfied as a customer. Having that in mind, we offer refunds on some conditions. Our refund policy is as follows.

Cases we offer refund

  • If the product you purchased is completely non-functional and inability to fix that within 3 working days of receiving the report.

Cases we don’t offer any refund

  1. You have changed your mind about an item.
  2. You bought an item by mistake and the product(s) was sent/already downloaded by you.
  3. It has already been 30 days after you have purchased our product.
  4. We don’t offer refund for any feature you ask that is not listed in our product description. (N.B: It is best for you to check the feature list and if the product has any demo preview, then check it too)
  5. We do not offer any custom work. Anything extra you need will have to be done by you or any third party you hire. No refund will be issued on such a ground.

Above all, you have to allow the customer support team to try to fix any issue found in the product as a cause of asking for the refund. Without allowing the customer support team to try and help, no refund request will be processed.

Last updated on June 10, 2019