WP Page Builder beta 2 arrives

August 9, 2018
3 min read
WP Page Builder beta 2

It hasn’t been long since we launched WP Page Builder. Within this short period of time, we’ve received overwhelming feedback that includes wishes, accolades, and suggestions from the users. We are so thrilled to receive such responses at this very early age of WP Page Builder.

Developing WP Page Builder as the ultimate site building tool isn’t a matter of one-time effort. Even after having all goodies in it, we would not stay put. We do feel the urge of introducing new technologies to ease our users’ effort in making websites. And, as all great tools require enhancements and fixes, so does WP Page Builder. It’s time to get an update for the tool.

What’s new in WP Page Builder beta 2

Today we are releasing the first ever update to WP Page Builder bringing some new features and fixes to all known bugs. Let’s see the changelog first.

  • New: 5 predesigned page layouts
  • New: Image size for Post addon, [wppb-medium, w-600,h-450]
  • New: Responsive units (rem, percentage)
  • New: Discard alert for unsaved changes while closing the window
  • New: ‘Loading’ icon on the right side of the editor
  • Fix: Column gutter issue
  • Fix: Flipbox addon slide/fade issue
  • Fix: Inner row spacing issue
  • Fix: Image field-type position issue
  • Fix: Alignment field-type responsive issue
  • Fix: Background field-type issue
  • Fix: Inner row drag and drop, empty space issue
  • Fix: ‘Loading’ icon issue while importing a template

Let’s take a broader look at what WP Page Builder beta 2 brings.

5 new free page layouts

This is something that WP Page Builder is mostly acclaimed for. In most page builders, page layouts don’t come free in a good number. WP Page Builder, in this case, makes an exception. Today, we are adding 5 more free ready page layouts that can be used on professional websites. The new layouts are:

Spa: Built for beauty salon, beauty parlour, hair salon, nail salon, barber lounge, and all other relevant business websites.

WP Page Builder beta 2
Screenshot: Spa predesigned page layout

Plumber: For plumber, painter, carpenter, electrician, handyman, house cleaning, housekeeping, domestic cleaning & repair service websites.

WP Page Builder beta 2
Screenshot: Plumber predesigned page layout

Insurance: Made for any company, agency, or corporate firms that provide insurance services.

WP Page Builder beta 2
Screenshot: Insurance predesigned page layout

Salon: For hair salon, nail salon, barber lounge, and relevant business websites.

WP Page Builder beta 2
Screenshot: Salon predesigned page layout

Architecture: For home decor and architectural design corporate firms.

WP Page Builder beta 2
Screenshot: Architecture predesigned page layout

Column gutter

WP Page Builder beta 2

Adjusting column spaces has been much easier now with the fix of column gutter. No matter the number of columns you take in a row, you can determine the space between them easily.

Revamped row-column settings

WP Page Builder beta 2

We’ve reformed the entire structure of row-column settings. The new system is expected to offer far more user-friendliness than before.

More responsiveness units

WP Page Builder beta 2

The system of making web pages responsive with just one single unit (pixel) does not make a page builder smart. Today’s update (beta 2) introduces multiple responsiveness units. Alongside pixel, now you can determine the responsive breakpoint with rem and percentage units.

WP Page Builder will go through many of such updates in the days to come. We will introduce new features and fix any issue that we come to know. Please share your thoughts and any suggestions you may have that would help us improve WP Page Builder. Stay in touch!

Release timeline

Today we’re releasing the second beta version of WP Page Builder. We hope you will enjoy this release. Here is the development timeline for the plugin.

  • Beta 1: 1 August 2018
  • Beta 2 : 9 August 2018
  • Stable: 1 September 2018
  • Pro: 20 September 2018

Note: This beta version is not recommended to be used on production sites.

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