Why WP Mega Menu plugin is best among its kind

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Menus on a site make it easier for visitors to navigate its offerings. Websites with a lot of content can not be handled just with regular menus. Most of the content of a large website will barely fit into them. The mega menu comes into play in this case. Looks and functions of the menu depend largely on which technology you are using for it. While many WordPress mega menu plugins promise you so many features, the best one that meets your needs is hard to be found.

Out of these large number of mega menu plugins, there’s one that comes handy for the most of the users. That’s nothing but WP Mega Menu plugin. It offers all essential features and functionalities and takes no bucks out of your pocket. Yes, this WordPress mega menu plugin is completely FREE. Let’s check what’s in there.

WP Mega Menu features

There are so many reasons you would consider WP Mega Menu as the best WordPress mega menu plugin. Specially after taking a look at its large pool of features.  The wide range of WP Mega Menu features includes the followings:

  • Drag and drop menu builder
  • Build menus visually
  • Widgets in menu items
  • Multiple themes option
  • Export/import mega menu themes
  • Branding with logo & social icons
  • Menu labeling/badges, ex: hot, new, etc.
  • Dashicons and Font Awesome icon support
  • Stretch menu & menu background image
  • Responsive & mobile menu support
  • Unlimited colors & Google Fonts options

Let’s discover some of the powerful features in more details.

Drag and drop menu building functionality

WordPress mega menuOnce WP Mega Menu plugin installed on your site, you can build a mega menu using its drag and drop functionality. Add rows and then drag and drop widgets into the columns of these rows. This WordPress mega menu plugin automatically saves the changes as you edit the menu layouts. You don’t need to write any line of code. WP Mega Menu’s powerful drag and drop system will help you build best menus with least effort.

Fully responsive and mobile ready

Menus created with WP Mega Menu will be 100% responsive and mobile ready. No matter the size of the devices your website is on, it will have no issues with them. You can control the adaptiveness by screen resolution in order to switch menus between the desktop and mobile versions automatically. Your website menu will work fine across all the OSs.

WooCommerce ready

WordPress mega menuIf you have products to display on your site, WP Mega Menu gives you a fantastic way to direct visitors to product details right from the menu. You have the system to display eCommerce products on menu items. Turn your site into highly navigable eCommerce site with this product display system on menus.

Multi-layered dropdown menus

WordPress mega menuHave as many menu items as you want. You can go for multi-layered dropdown menus and they will look equally beautiful on the site. Enrich your main menu items with dropdown sub-menus to place more navigation options. Building such multi-layered dropdown menus is a much easier with this menu builder plugin.

Advanced feature widgets

WordPress mega menuUse any shortcode in the menu. Alongside that, you have option to use two prebuilt advanced feature widgets that add more functionalities such as you can set photos, titles and little details that will be displayed at the time of hovering over them.

Social icons and search option in menu

Best WordPress mega menuHave WordPress default search system right on your menu. With WP Mega Menu plugin, you can do it in just a few clicks. Easily place your social media links with their icons and style the way they will look on the menu.

Rich customization options

WordPress mega menuWP Mega Menu lets you customize menus thoroughly. Customizing menus and giving any required change is quite easy with this mega menu builder. Set padding and margin of any item in the menu. Control visibility of the menus as per the devices your menus will be on. You can also have hover effects on the menu items. Use many elements like icons, background options while customizing menus.

Multilingual: WPML compatible

WordPress mega menuNo matter the part of the world you come from, no matter the language you want your site to be on, WP Mega Menu is going to have no issues with them. It is fully WPML compatible. Have your menu content in any language you want.

Compatible with almost all WordPress themes

This powerful WordPress mega menu plugin works well with almost all WordPress themes. No issues were found while testing WP Mega Menu with some of the popular WordPress themes available in the market. You can surely use this plugin with any theme you want. If you find any issue feel free to contact our support forum. Themeum support team will gladly fix your issues with care.

Building mega menu on website is a tough. With right platform and technology, it is a lot easier. WP Mega Menu is one of such WordPress plugins that is going to make your mega menu building experience better. Do use WP mega Menu and make mega menu on the fly. Good luck.

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