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WP Crowdfunding Plugin11.0.6

WP Crowdfunding is a revolutionary WordPress plugin that helps you create a fundraising or backer site with WordPress. This plugin is powered by WooCommerce. It has a native wallet system for accepting local payments. WP Crowdfunding has the facility to split the money through PayPal adaptive or Stripe Connect. WP Crowdfunding gives you a theme completely free with its package. It is a really full fledged crowdfunding system.

Core Features


Based on WooCommerce

WP CrowdFunding uses the power of WooCommerce to accept and manage pledges from backers. We’ve deeply paired the world’s renowned e-commerce system for WordPress with our crowdfunding plugin.

Native Wallet System

WP Crowdfunding Native Wallet system keeps track of funds raised on a crowdfunding project. The project owner can send a withdraw request to the admin after raising a certain amount of money. It calculates the withdrawable project funds, website commissions and generates statistics.

Adaptive PayPal

The PayPal Adaptive payment system is very useful for crowdfunding sites to seamlessly send the money to the project owner and the site admin (as configured). WP CrowdFunding offers this facility.

Stripe Connect

Stripe Connect payment system is very useful for crowdfunding sites to seamlessly send the money to the project owner and the admin at a time(as configured). WP CrowdFunding offers this facility.

Plugin features

Free WordPress Theme

Free WordPress Theme

WP Crowdfunding’s paid version has a professional theme inside. You don’t need to buy another theme to create your crowdfunding site.
Rich but Simple

Rich but Simple

Project owners and backers can manage everything from the frontend UI. Despite having tons of features, the plugin is still very lightweight.
Frontend Operations

Frontend Operations

From registration to the project submission form, everything is frontend. Users can add or update projects in a comfortable interface.
Money Management

Money Management

WP Crowdfunding offers a versatile money management system. Payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, cards, all are supported.


Reward Option
Reward Option
Campaign Update Status
Campaign Update Status
General Settings
General Settings
Product Basic
Product Basic

More Features

Override Templates
The plugin supports template overriding, so you can easily customize its style.
Project Rewards
With WP Crowdfunding, fund-raisers can announce rewards for their projects.
Stats & Reports
The advanced reporting option in the plugin generates periodic project reports.
Email Notifications
Notifying campaign updates is made simple with the email notification system.
Full Control
The admin has full control over signups, project publishing, withdrawals and more
Sharing Options
Visitors can share the projects on social networks to reach more stakeholders.
Google reCAPTCHA
A great anti-spamming feature that can help you combat spammers easily.
Project Customization
The plugin lets the campaign creators customize and style their projects thoroughly
Project Ending Methods
Multiple methods to mark end of a campaign– monetary goal, date, or unlimited
Plugin single price

Single price

WP Crowdfunding Plugin

Ultimate crowdfunding and fundraising WordPress theme.

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