The sleek and modern Gutenberg based WordPress starter pack for your Digital Marketing website

Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing is a no-hassle no-code full website solution for the tasteful website you’ve always wanted. With a keen focus on the content medium, this pack gives you the tools to showcase your values as a digital marketing agency.


· Easily Customizable – With the power of Qubely’s highly customizable Gutenberg blocks customize the colors, fonts, etc. Also, save blocks to reuse later.
· Interactive Experience – The starter pack is designed with just the right amount of interactive elements to create a lively website.
· Services – This page entails all the offered services with interactive elements to be able to describe each type of service visually for the best user experience.
· Projects – Similar to the Services page, this page outlines your stand-out past projects. Use the visual elements to your advantage and use tons of graphics to enhance the UX.

· Fully Responsive – This Qubely starter pack is fully responsive and works perfectly on all screen sizes and mobile devices.
· Intuitive Contact Form – Includes an intuitive contact form so that potential clients can reach you without a hiccup.
· Kickstart Your Site – A quick and efficient solution for anyone looking to build a full-fledged website. Save both time & money.
· Project Details – Outline all the project details and showcase statistics & study results here. There’s also a feedback section to curate all testimonials from past clients.

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Service Details
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Project Details
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Fully Customizable in Qubely

We created all this sections with Qubely without writing code. That means you can customize them using our visual interface too.