An elegant, all inclusive, and SEO optimized WordPress Gutenberg based starter site for all art galleries and similar niche business.

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Need a marketable website for your art gallery business? Here we bring the art gallery starter pack of Qubely Pro. It's unique in design, responsive and contains all essential smart tools to promote your business online. Grab it today to bring the significant difference that you have dreamt of so far!


Easily Customizable: With the power of Qubely’s highly customizable Gutenberg blocks customize the colors, fonts, etc. Also, save blocks to reuse later.

Fully Responsive: This Qubely starter pack is fully responsive and works perfectly on all screen sizes and mobile devices.

Interactive Experience: The starter pack is designed with just the right amount of interactive elements to create a lively website.

Promotional Homepage: The homepage of the art gallery starter pack is an amazing combination of interactivity and teaser containing all the essential information of your business.With features like a hero section, showcasing your work, event, and workshop in a nutshell it contains everything to get your business introduced and complete action from your potential clients. 

Kickstart Your Site: A quick and efficient solution for anyone looking to build a full-fledged website. Save both time & money.

Store & Store Details: Bring online exposure of your business through these two individual pages. In the store page you can sport all your sellable items with pictures, price, and all other information to get the products. Whereas in the store details page you can highlight your artwork specifically mentioning product specifications and features followed by buy now CTA. 

Sellable Gallery: Let your audience feel the pleasure of viewing your artwork like attending it in the real. Showcasing your brilliant pieces of work with the hero section, customer inquiry form, and at the end social media add-ons the page is all set to promote your work and bring leads at the same time.

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Fully Customizable in Qubely

We created all this sections with Qubely without writing code. That means you can customize them using our visual interface too.