Intricately designed, interactive, responsive, and SEO optimized Gutenberg block based layout pack for travel vloggers and other travel related individuals to create their sites.


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Looking to share your travel experience with the world? Set up a quick, responsive, smart travel vlog website with a market to sell your suggested travel essentials. Get started and monetize your travels while inspiring the world with your wondrous experiences.


Easily Customizable: With the power of Qubely’s highly customizable Gutenberg blocks customize the colours, fonts, etc. Also, save blocks to reuse later.

Fully Responsive: This Qubely starter pack is fully responsive and works perfectly on all screen sizes and mobile devices.

Destination page: The Vlog page of Wanderlust features various detailed imagery of places that you suggest to viewers. Viewers can get a look at experiences, food, and exciting places to emerge themselves through your intricately designed website.

Kickstart Your Site: A quick and efficient solution for anyone looking to build a full-fledged website. Save both time & money as you build a beautiful travel website.

Interactive Experience: The starter pack is designed with just the right amount of interactive elements to create a lively website.

Product and product details: Sell your travel essential products straight from your website with an intuitive yet simple product page. Advertise each product unique with a dedicated product detail page.

Easy to contact:  Visitors to the site can easily connect with you through the simple yet elegant contact pages. They can additionally join your newsletters and connect with your Instagram account letting you interact with most of your viewers. 

Separate Vlog lists: Users can look at videos straight from this page and amaze at your interesting tour videos. Snippets of vlogs can be added to a card of lists that take the user to the vlog page so they can get to know your travels better and in turn resonate with you further. 

Preview Home
Preview Destinations
Preview Destination Details
Destination Details
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Preview Vlog Details
Vlog Details
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Preview Product Details
Product Details
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About Me
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Business Contact

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Fully Customizable in Qubely

We created all this sections with Qubely without writing code. That means you can customize them using our visual interface too.