15+ Stunning FREE Sections Added To Qubely Pro

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While launching Qubely Pro with 8 premium blocks, plenty of ready sections, and starter packs, we also promised to add more items to the existing library. Having that promise in mind, today we are adding 15+ new sections to Qubely Pro. All Qubely Pro users can access and use them for free to build beautiful web pages.

If you are passionate about newer & standard designs and follow on-going trends, then this new batch of ready sections will meet your expectations.

Aren’t you excited to explore the newly added readymade sections? Let’s explore what surprises are awaiting you.

15+ New Ready Sections for Qubely Pro

The newly added 16 sections for Qubely are designed to give you a more professional yet convenient experience ever. With these varieties of ready to apply designs, anyone can build their website with ease.

Ready Sections for Projects Showcasing

Whether you want to showcase projects for an educational, restaurant or any type of business website, these sections are suitable for you all. If you are seeking an informative, well-performing and most importantly a lucrative presence of your projects then these could be the solution for you.

Ready Sections for Contact Forms

We give you 10 different contact form designs today. Each of these sections has been designed with the standard format to provide a user-friendly experience. Moreover, adding all the necessary fields of communication like physical Address, telephone number, customer information, query form, Google Map on contact form brings an artistic design and adds more value to visitors. These contact form sections will ensure that perfectly.

Contact Form Page Sections

The contact form page sections have been designed containing every required field at the most simple yet fascinating designs. You get to showcase Google Maps and other content on contact form page.

How to Access These Newly Added Sections

Access these newly added sections easily by installing Qubely Pro. After installing, add a new page or open an existing page from the Dashboard, and click import layout. Next, as per your preference and requirements, you can choose yours. Now, finish editing every part by adding the necessary content. Then, follow the same steps for every page you create.

Every part of this new Qubely Pro is designed very neatly. If you want to stay ahead with your website of the mainstream crowd then surely these are the designs you should consider. With exclusive designs, elegant style, and superior layouts, these sections will add a premium vibe to your overall website.

Those who are looking forward to creating a unique website with ease, and most importantly without compromising quality then investing your money for Qubely Pro would be the supreme choice for you! 

So, what holds you back? Get your hands on Qubely Pro and get the most amazing experience right away.