4 Types of Businesses that Can Benefit from Having an LMS

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As the internet users cross 50% of the global population, it’s pretty much a no-brainer for any organization to have a strong online presence. With internet-access being a non-factor now, it’s super easy to go online and start creating your own stuff. If there is one thing that literally everyone in the world appreciates, it’s convenience; and nothing can be more convenient than learning through an online platform. With good accessibility and good content, you too can create an LMS platform. Or who knows, someday maybe even an e-learning empire.

LMS for a Business

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This is where having your own platform really shines. It’s no secret that some companies and some industries have high turnover, and training new hires become cumbersome at a certain point. Moreover, there are times when your business could be going through a big expansion and new hires have to be trained. In situations like these, you can’t really depend on a third-party platform to suffice. 

In cases like this, you could easily have an LMS running. The trainers can maintain and review progress for the trainees, give out very practical quizzes to actually teach them the ins and outs of their new positions. The trainers can monitor and track progress, while at the same time the trainees can have everything available all the time, so missing a session is not a problem. 

LMS for an Individual or Small Groups

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If you’re an individual with knowledge and expertise in a specific field, an online course is a great way of giving back to the community. Moreover, it can also generate some revenue which is always nice to have. Most LMS plugins in WordPress are very scalable and work with a variety of different use-cases.

Our own Tutor LMS is designed to empower a single user trying to make his or her own learning platform. Running your own LMS has a ton of advantages over the likes of Udemy or Coursera. Yes, it’s a bit of work to set everything up but you will be able to customize and design your platform as you like it. Also, there is no revenue sharing in your own site, so you can have a more competitive pricing model. 

If your platform does end up gaining traction, you could always look into expanding to new fields. At that point, your LMS platform would turn into a marketplace. Potential customers can come in and choose the field they like, while you can have multiple authors creating their own content. Adding new instructors with fields, like and unlike, will give your LMS platform’s knowledge base more depth and width.

LMS for Educational Agency (like University entrance exam centers, IELTS, etc)

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Several types of educational agencies apart form schools exist to aid students in their endeavors. In the western hemisphere, College Preparatory schools also known as prep-schools are very popular. Whereas in Asia, cram schools and coaching centers are practically a necessity for entrance into a good University. 

If you’ve been anywhere near one of these institutes you’ll know how useful adding an online dimension to these would be. All of a sudden practicing after hours would become easy. Students can review notes and take quizzes. Maybe if they were absent in a class they could catch up with a lecture simply by getting online. 

An online platform could also be a huge selling point for an after-school institute. These institutes are often incredibly saturated with very similar institutes sometimes even next to one another. An LMS dedicated to your students could, therefore, help you stand out amongst the crowd. 

LMS for a University, College, or even High Schools

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Universities like Penn State, Arizona State, University of Florida have been doing online e-learning for years if not decades already. So the idea of an LMS in higher studies is not at all new. 

As the Internet becomes accessible, these Universities can now reach students in remote areas. Moreover, good education and good instructors now become readily available to those in need. These universities can also choose to give out credentials that hold real-world value.

An LMS tied to a university curriculum could also act as supplementary resources for students already physically enrolled in the university. It’s super convenient for these students if they have resources available after hours and the night before exams. 

How Tutor LMS Can Help in All Situations

Did you really think we were going to write a blog about e-learning without mentioning Tutor LMS? That’s boring! When we came up with Tutor LMS, our end goal was to have a plugin that truly empowers an individual instructor.

But that doesn’t mean it should only work with one instructor right? Thus we made Tutor LMS, a robust and scalable plugin that is as comfortable with 1 instructor as it is with 100. Its free version has more features than some premium versions of other LMS plugins; we’re very proud of that! As well as that, a ton of very advanced features are built into Tutor LMS’s Pro version.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with the most powerful LMS in town, and start teaching today!

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