Presenting Art Gallery: An Exclusively Designed Free Starter Pack for Qubely Pro

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An art gallery has always enchanted its enthusiasts and admirers. It’s not only the place for exposure to some of the brilliant artworks only. Under the hood from the exhibition, to organizing workshops to promotional activities; there are a whole lot of things. No doubt, having a website can certainly be a great trigger here to level up your business from every aspect. 

Whether you are an aspiring artist, owner of an art gallery, or planning to step your feet in this field, if you want to bring your full potential then we have a great piece of news for you. To keep the virtual doors of your art gallery open 24/7 for your visitors, today, we’re here with “Art Gallery”, a brand new starter pack of Qubely Pro. 

So, without making any delay let’s dig into today’s article to see what’s it has to offer its viewers:

An art gallery website must be captivating enough to touch the hearts of the audience. Also, it should have the capabilities to promote your work, and other activities as well. Shedding light into everything, the entire starter pack of the art gallery has been designed from scratch so you can enjoy being unparalleled on your ground.

Let’s have a quick view of its eminent features below:

  1. Fresh & contemporary design
  2. Responsive Pages
  3. Quick and smooth navigation
  4. Interactive hero section
  5. Well-directed CTA buttons
  6. Dedicated event page
  7. Specific store page 
  8. One-click membership form
  9. Self-explanatory contact form

The entire starter pack of the art gallery has been designed considering the specific requirements of every single page. Each of the pages of this Qubely starter pack communicates with the audience in its unique way while conveying its message and content accurately. Rest assured, scrolling its pages would be a pleasant experience for its audience.

Let’s have an aerial view of each of its pages below:

  1. Home
  2. Workshop
  3. Events
  4. Event Details
  5. Store 
  6. Store Details
  7. About
  8. Team
  9. Gallery 
  10. Contact

Now, let’s jump into each of its pages to have an in-depth view:


The homepage of the art gallery starter pack will create a distinctive experience for its viewers. Each of the pieces of content has been carefully placed and designed here to give your website a look and feel one in a million. Furthermore, it’s interactive and sports everything to introduce your business to your audience in a unique way. Featuring a compelling hero section, a glimpse of your outstanding work, store display, workshop, and event information this page proves your superiority in every aspect. Also, at the end, you will be able to offer your audience to get in touch with you via contact us CTA and offer them to become a member.


The workshop page will get you connected with your interested leads. This is why we have kept it presentable while maintaining the interactivity alive. You can showcase here your upcoming and previous workshops, highlighting a small gallery view to increasing the overall appeal of the page.


This page is dedicatedly designed to provide your events attendees with information like upcoming programs, important notes, webinars sessions, and other details with all particulars to be able to participate in the events. 

Event Details

The event details page should be clear, concise, and most importantly can create a great first impression. To make it user-focused we’ve made sure to show it off in a visual yet professional manner. You can shed light on a specific event here with pictures, detailed information, important highlights, testimonials, and a small gallery view to increase its appeal. What’s more, there is an inquiry form too to let your users get connected with you seamlessly.


Let your web viewers see and find out their desired piece of artwork all by themselves. To keep it welcoming we’ve featured here a great piece of highly imaginative hero section. Display your sale items here with pictures, price, and all other required details to give your audience the primary information and generate more attention. 

Store Details

Audiences willing to know brief details about artwork are most likely to visit this place. So, there is a chance that they can purchase from you. You can showcase multiple pictures along with product specifications and buy now CTA. To promote the artwork in the best possible manner we’ve added here description, additional information, and reviews too.


The about page of the art gallery is there to let your viewers truly identify the big picture of your business. While keeping an eye on your background story, activities, achievements, sponsors’ glimpse this page will encourage them to get closer to you. There is also an actionable membership form, contact form, and social media highlights to take your game even further.


Introduce your team members in an innovative style to the world. Share the artist’s profile and introduce people behind the exhibition to enchant your audience. Lastly, there are also options to feature inquiry forms and social media handles.

The gallery page could be your golden scope to showcase some of the remarkable artist work and approach people to come into your gallery. As soon as your audience lands on this page they can see the presence of an artistic hero section. To make it more alluring we’ve also tried here an artistic font and elegant design. Moreover, you can highlight some of the best artist work with initial details, customer query form, and social media add-ons at the bottom.


Keeping a simple self-explanatory form in a creative style, the contact page is there to bring people into your gallery. In the end, you can also embed social media buttons to redirect users to those pages in just a click.

Every Qubely Pro user can access this “Art Gallery” starter pack for free. To begin using it, all you need to do is update to the latest version of Qubely Pro. After that, add a new page and click “Import Layout” at the top. Now, search for the Art Gallery starter pack, select a page, and click “Import.” For every page, repeat the same steps. After that, add your custom images and text to the pages to truly make it your own.

Wrapping Up

An art gallery website should look as exclusive and elegant as it seems in real life. With the art gallery starter pack, we’ve tried to keep that aestheticism alive, while turning your website into a marketing channel for your business. So why is the wait for? Those, willing to turn their website into the best bet of their business, give it a try to the art gallery starter pack now, and let us know your experience in the comment section.