How to Create the Best Quiz Activity for Online Assessment

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The learning process is a two-way street based on a feedback cycle between the tutor and the learner. So just teaching alone is not enough; tutors must constantly assess their student’s progress and adjust their delivery accordingly.

Today we will look at all the tools and techniques Tutor LMS has in its arsenal to help you assess your student’s skills and understanding of your courses.

First Things First 

Before we start, the article is written with the impression that readers are already aware of how to create  a new course and add lessons in Tutor LMS using the “Course Builder.” 

But, as this step is a mandatory prerequisite, please click here if you would like to learn or refresh your memory on the topic.

How to Add and Set Up a Quiz

Let’s start with the bread and butter of assessment, quizzes! Tutor LMS makes creating quizzes very effortless using “Quiz Builder.” The quiz builder helps us create various types of questions and add audio-video elements to enhance/stimulate better interest. Our quiz builder offers ten modern yet familiar question types to challenge learners’ knowledge. 

To add a new quiz to your lesson plan, follow these steps to access the quiz builder easily. 

Click on  Tutor Lms>Courses from the main navigation menu, select the course and click the “Edit” button on the right. Once the “Edit Course”  page has loaded, scroll down to the  “Course Builder” section of the page and click on the “+ Quiz” button to initiate the quiz-building process.

Tutor LMS Course Builder- How to create a new quiz?

Quiz Setup 

In the “Quiz Info” section, enter the desired name for the quiz and a summary/overview for the learner’s understanding. We will call our quiz “Sample Quiz 01” for this tutorial. Once the required information is submitted in the “Quiz Info” section, click the “Save & Next” button to continue to the “Question” part of the process.

Questions Setup

First, click the + Add Question button to get started. In this manner, users can then add questions one at a time to create a personal question bank. Tutor LMS offers users several types of questions. 

Tutor LMS - Add Question

The following question types are available in Tutor LMS 2.0.X:

  • True/False
  • Single Choice
  • Multiple Choice
  • Open-Ended/Essay
  • Fill In The Blanks
  • Short Answer
  • Matching
  • Image Matching
  • Image Answering
  • Ordering
  • Answered Required

Several of the listed question formats are very commonly used and do not require much effort to create. However, I will walk you through the creation of a few question types so you can feel more acquainted with the Tutor LMS quiz builder. 

Multiple Choice

In the “Write your questions here” box, fill in the question text and select “Multiple Choice” from the drop-down menu.

In multiple-choice questions, there can be more than one correct answer. Scroll down and select “+ Add An Option” to start adding choices.

Text in the “Answer Title” will appear as an option in the quiz question. You have to add each option individually.

You can also use just images instead of text by selecting the “Only Image” option or combining text and images by selecting “Text & Image both.”

Click “Update Answer” to save your option and return to the previous menu.  Once the choices are confirmed,  select the correct answer/answers. The unchecked options will be considered incorrect answers.

Click “Update Answer” to save your option and return to the previous menu.  Once the choices are confirmed,  select the correct answer/answers. The unchecked options will be considered incorrect answers.

Tutor LMS- Question Input Options

The following image shows an example of how learners will see “Multiple Choice Questions” while attempting a quiz.

Tutor LMS - MCQ Sample Question

Fill In The Blanks

This is probably one of the most common types of questions on our list. Therefore, its frequent use alone warrants a small walkthrough. 

Like the last question style we discussed, enter the question text in the  “Write your question here”  and select “Fill in the Blanks” from the drop-down menu.

Tutor LMS - Fill In the Blanks Question Creation

Make sure to leave a  blank space in your question. Users can even have multiple blanks in a single question. 

To configure the answer(s) for the question, scroll down and select “+ Add An Option.” Please make sure to use the “{dash}” variable in your “Question Title” to show the blanks in your questions. In the “Correct Answer(s)” box, enter the answer to your blanks. Multiple answers can be input in the same box separated by a “Vertical Bar( | ).”

Tutor LMS - Fill in the Blanks Correct Answer Input

The below image shows how learners will see “Fill in the Blanks” question types in an actual quiz.

Tutor LMS - Fill in the Blanks Sample Question

Matching Questions

A matching question is two lists of related words, phrases, pictures, or symbols. Each item in one list is paired with at least one item in the other list. Students achieve marks by successfully matching the correct items.

Please fill in the question text similar to the previous question types and select “Matching.”

Scroll down and click “+Add An Option.” Text in the “Answer Title” will appear as an option in one list, and the text in “Matched Answer Title” will be the correct answer displayed on a second list for students to match them. Each matching pair has to be added individually.

You can also add only images instead of text by selecting the “only image” option, or you can choose to combine both texts and pictures.

Click “Update Answer” to save your option and return to the previous menu.  Once the choices are finalized, the system Tutor LMS will automatically format the question.

Tutor LMS - Matching Type Question Example

Image Matching

Another matching type question where students can match two images to get the correct answer. Similar to previous questions, fill in the question text in the Questions window and select “Image Matching.”

In the “+Add An Option.” menu, upload the image and enter the associated text in the “Image Matched Text” box.

Each matching pair has to be created individually. Finalize your question by clicking “Update Answer” to save your question and return to the previous menu.

The following image is a portrayal of how learners will see “Image Matching” questions during a quiz.

Tutor LMS - Image Matching Sample Question


Set an ordering question where students must match the order you set the options in to get the correct answer.

To create an ordering style question, click “+Add An Option,” enter your text question and select “Ordering.”

Ordering-type questions can be made with both text and images combined or individually.

Similar to previous question types, each entry needs to be created individually. Users must keep in mind to make entries in the correct ordering sequence. Tutor LMS will then automatically randomize the question order during an actual quiz.

Tutor LMS - Input Options for Ordering Question

Once the proper order sequence is set while the question creation process, Tutor LMS will randomize the order when learners are taking the quiz.

Tutor LMS - Ordering Type Question Example

Quiz Settings

Even if you have a large enough pool of questions for your quizzes, there are still a  few settings you may want to know if you want to step up your assessment game. 

Course instructors can limit the number of attempts and impose a time limit on quizzes to discourage cheating. To set a time limit, navigate to Quiz>Settings>Time Limit, then set the desired duration. This approach encourages time management and is a critical tool for student assessment.

Tutor LMS - Quiz Time Limit

It is also possible to restrict the number of quiz attempts a student can take. To change the number of quiz attempts go to Quiz>Settings>Course>Default Quiz Attempt limit.

Tutor LMS - Quiz Attempts Allowed Configure

One last titbit regarding quizzes is to enable randomization of questions. This option allows Tutor LMS to shuffle all questions giving each participant in the exam a unique experience.

To enable randomization, head over to Quiz>Settings>Advanced Settings and choose “Random” in the “Question Order” pull-down menu

Tutor LMS - Quiz Question Randomize

Quiz Assessment and the Importance of  Feedback

Feedback is an exclusively important part of the assessment process. Learners need to receive feedback while completing every aspect of a course. This helps keep learners engaged, learn from their mistakes, and retain the information offered.

Tutor LMS allows instructors to provide step-by-step feedback to learners based on their quiz performance. To give feedback to learners, from the dashboard navigate to Tutor LMS>Quiz Attempts. The Quiz Attempts window will showcase all the quiz attempts made by learners.

Tutor LMS - Quiz Attempts

Instructors can quickly scroll through and get an overview of the learner’s performance in quizzes. Moreover, Instructors can view details of any quiz their learners attempted by pressing the “Review” button.

Tutor LMS - Quiz Review

Once in the review window, instructs can manually check every answer in the quiz. This is important, especially for questions with open-ended answers that the system can not automatically grade. 

The review window is not only for assessing quiz answers but also for providing the necessary feedback to your learners. The “Instructor Feedback” portion allows instructors to respond, share reactions, and advise learners based on their performance.

Using and Understanding Gradebook Addon

Another exciting add-on, the Tutor Gradebook, allows you to introduce the Grading Point system for your courses. It includes many options to configure the grading system according to your preference. 

To have the Grade Book functionality added to your platform, you need to activate the Grading addon. Once activated, you’ll see a new tab on the Settings page. You can easily find it by navigating to Dashboard > Tutor LMS > Settings > Gradebook (tab).

Tutor LMS - Gradebook Addon

The default Pass/Fail system of Tutor LMS shows learners’ pass/fail status based on their scores. Using the default system, tutors pre-define the minimum points a student needs to pass. 

The Gradebook add-on allows users to define grades based on an alphabetic letter scaling. For example, “A+” for people who achieved 93 to 100% marks, “A” for 89 to 92%. 

Similarly, you can define categories within a particular course, and the score weightage can vary between categories. For example, if two categories are defined, 20% weightage for assignments and 80% for online quizzes. Suppose the learner scores full marks on both. Then they will ensure an A+ Grade. 

To Conclude

Tutor LMS utilizes powerful features and tools to create, analyze, mark, and deliver a quality experience to its learners. When incorporating one’s knowledge in coherency with our system, they can produce unique and eye-catching courses. This unique blend of strategies helps gap the shortcoming of traditional pen and paper assessments and truly brings out the potential of Tutor LMS.

Remember to share your suggestions and experience with Tutor LMS quiz builder in the comment section.