Introducing IT Solution : A Creatively Designed Free Starter Pack For Qubely Pro

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Every business regardless of its kind and size requires some sort of IT services. Due to this wide dependency factor, the IT industry is also flourishing everywhere. At the same time, it’s getting extremely competitive and challenging too. Not to mention, if you run any similar sort of business then a website should be a paramount priority for you. 

We understand managing additional time besides your busy schedule is a hard nut to crack! To help you build an influential online presence with a smooth transition effect today we’re here with, “IT Solution“, a free and brand new starter pack for Qubely Pro.

So, without further ado let’s jump into today’s article to explore in details:

Notable Features of IT Solution

The entire starter pack of IT solutions has been crafted to positively impact your business. With an interactive design layout and action-oriented features, we believe it will ensure engagement for your business. Also, rest assured it doesn’t let you miss any important aspect of your website.

Now let’s have a quick glance to some of its top-notched features below:

  • Pestle color design
  • Minimalistic content
  • Smooth navigation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Engaging testimonial
  • Multiple CTA’s
  • Detailed project page
  • Dedicated service page
  • Lead generating contact form

Pages Inside IT Solution

Every page inside the IT solution portrays an energetic vibe and is able to create a great first impression. Also you can expect to bring better  engagement and drive users to read your content.

Now, let’s have a look to each of its pages:

  1. Home
  2. Services
  3. Service Details
  4. Projects
  5. Project Details
  6. Career
  7. Career Details
  8. About
  9. Contact

Now, let’s explore each of the pages of IT Solution below:


The homepage of the IT solution is there to prove yourself as the leader in your industry. Starting with the hero section, Multiple CTA’s, service, and project highlights the whole page demonstrate your business in a great way. All in all, the homepage of this starter pack sports a welcoming vibe among its viewers. 


The service page is there to introduce your expertise to the world. To turn it rewarding for your business we have focused on the users’ interactivity to a great deal. You can showcase each of your offered services here with CTA’s to enhance the possibilities to generate leads. 

Service Details

The service details page is intended to help users who need to know detailed information about your services. Featuring a minimalistic style in a light color design with service description, and a self-explanatory contact form we’ve put special effort to make this page stand out.


This is the page where people will come to check the quality of your work. Showing up some of your notable project work with initial details and pictures we made sure your users can grab their required information responsively. 

Project Details

The project details page is set up to highlight your project in detail. You can feature your special project work here highlighting all special attributes and key selling points.


Showcase your current job vacancies with CTA to connect with your probable job seekers seamlessly. Presenting a great job description, the career page could be a sure-fire way for you to attract some potential poll of job candidates. 

Career Details

The career details page could be a great way for your business to attract potential job seekers. Presenting a minimalistic approach with a detailed job description we’ve kept this page distraction-free. In the end, you can showcase your social media accounts as social proof too.


The influence of an about page is huge in getting closer to your audience. To ensure you got a broad appeal from this page we have showcased everything in this page in a unique way. You can showcase here your expertise, background story, testimonial, introduce team members to attract new clients.


The contact page is there to help users readily get their required information to reach you. You can feature here a self-explanatory form, address, and other contact details to ensure a convenient experience for your audience and getting leads.

How to Access The IT Solution Starter Pack?

Every Qubely Pro user can access this “IT Solution” starter pack for free. To begin using it, all you need to do is update to the latest version of Qubely Pro. After that, add a new page and click “Import Layout” at the top. Now, search for the IT Solution starter pack, select a page, and click “Import.” For every page, repeat the same steps. After that, add your custom images and text to the pages to truly make it your own.

Wrapping Up

With the IT solution starter pack at your fingertips you will have a seamless experience to create your website. Also, we can ensure that your website built with this solution not only promotes your business online it will drive traffic and keep your clients coming back again and again.

Now that you’ve got the detailed view of the IT solution starter pack it’s time to get into action and try out Qubely. Also, do not forget to share your valuable feedback on this new starter pack of Qubely in the comment section.