Pro Tips to Level Up Your Fundraising Campaigns

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Are you planning for your next fundraising project? Remember, if there is a will, there is a solution! The rapid growth of online charity websites over the past few months underlined this fact to a greater extent. As the COVID-19 has put restrictions on our outdoor activities, online platforms have become the safest and popular means for charity and welfare organizations. 

You might be thinking it’s a daunting task and requires a long process to create a fundraising campaign. But luckily not, if you decide to stay with WordPress. The WP Crowdfunding plugin is here to bring an overnight solution. In today’s article, we’re going to review some of the features of WP Crowdfunding to enhance the appeal of your charity website, campaigns, or projects that can also create an inspiring impact on others to join your noble cause.

So, without further ado let’s have a detailed glance.

Benefits of Having a WordPress Crowdfunding Tool

WP Crowdfunding is not just a regular plugin, it can be termed as a lifesaver solution with advanced control and feature-rich addons. Sounds interesting, right? Well, certainly it should be. The unique list of WP Crowdfunding plugin addons is all to take the challenges to make your next campaign one in a million.

Here’s is a list of some highlighted addons of WP Crowdfunding:

  • Social Sharing
  • Third-Party Payment Gateway 
  • Customized Email Newsletter 
  • reCaptcha
  • Detailed Reporting & Analytics 
  • Native Wallet Support

      …and a lot more existing and upcoming ones

Now let’s check out some below.

Beef up Your Social Media Activities with Sharing Features

Social media platforms have a powerful impact on every cause. Whether you choose to go for a paid or organic promotion, you need the right exposure. WP Crowdfunding offers the system to share your campaigns on almost all leading social media platforms like  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

By using the Social Sharing addon you are creating the scope for your audience to share your post, and activities with others and follow you. For this, all you need to do is allow sharing options from the setting part, and you are done.

Robust Payment Gateway Support

So, you have created an amazing fundraising website, very responsive, and highly engaging. But why all these efforts? Definitely for generating conversions. Well, we won’t let your goals fade away. WP Crowdfunding integrates with leading payment gateways like 2checkout,, and Stripe to accept funds from donors in a seamless manner.

Email Alerts

With the 4 ready email related addons of the WP Crowdfunding Pro version, you can introduce features like email notifications on user registration, project submission (if you allow), approval of donation campaign, and more. On top of that, this section also lets you customize existing email templates.


Is your charity site safe from attacks like phishing, malware, and spamming? We provide robust security with the reCaptcha feature while accomplishing tasks like form registration and submission. As a result, both you and your website visitors will have a safeguard against all relevant threats.

Detailed Reporting For Everything

You must have heard “work smart, not hard”, the same thing you are going to experience with WP Crowdfunding thanks to its detailed reporting. This option lets you get over that tiresome paperwork of generating reports and stats.

You can see sales and analytical reports of all campaigns starting from 7 days to past years. Besides helping you with accurate data, this feature also helps you plan better based on the real scenario.

Native Wallet Support

Who doesn’t want to stay away from tension and stress associated with money? If you also fall in this category then surely you are going to love the native wallet addon. If you allow others to run fundraising campaigns on your site, this feature allows you to split and set limits on the campaign earnings among you and the campaign owner(s). Also, you can introduce an enhanced control feature with setting fields like to withdraw type, receiver percent, and withdrawal amount.

Tips for Crowdfunding in the Difficult Times

Whenever situations like any epidemic or natural calamities occur, it needs prompt action and services to reach the affected people. Here with WP Crowdfunding, you’ll get to experience some amazing features that will help you to get more exposure. Moreover, this plugin is appropriate for both small and large scale campaigns. 

Let’s have a sneak peek of the activities that will help you to generate more conversion.

Social Media Engagement

Social media has become the future of every campaign. People around you whether your community, friends, family, or others should know about your initiative, and social media sharing could be the easiest way to convince them to contribute to your cause.

Well, we can’t expect every visitor of your social media pages will donate, but certainly, the social share of your cause via you or others will let you get noticed.

Event Creation

You can create various online events and campaigns with a deadline setting and CTA button. This will create a sense of urgency among your website visitors and generate more conversion. Check this article on how to create an online event site on WordPress.

Showcase Campaigns with Numbers & Stats

There is a dedicated page to showcase all of your ongoing campaigns together with your goal, current status, donation received amount to make it more realistic to your prospective donors.

Send Newsletters Regularly

Do not forget to send regular newsletters including your activities and seeking help so your newsletter subscribers stay alert about your actions.

Update Blogs Regularly

Let the world know that you care for humanity and society. Publish regular awareness posts regarding your campaigns to stay closer among people with your cause.

Improve Your Fundraising Campaigns Today

A fundraising campaign must be inspiring and consist of actionable links to maximize your potential to build connections with donors. With the WP Crowdfunding plugin we ensured that your charity program stays spotlighted and you end up contributing more for the society.

This plugin brings the full-fledged solution of creating a modern, responsive, and elegant website in the shortest span of time. If you like to add more vibrance to your website you can try our themes Backer and Patrios too.

Do you have any questions, or suggestions regarding WP Crowdfunding? Let us know in the comments section below!