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All-in-one learning management system
that covers everyone!

Individual Instructor

Individual Instructor

Are you an individual and want to spread knowledge online? Tutor is for you!
Educational Institution

Educational Institution

Managing an educational institute? Offer courses online using Tutor LMS.
eLearning Platform

eLearning Platform

Let the world share knowledge online on your WordPress LMS platform.

Core features

A smart, simple, and scalable
WordPress LMS plugin

Extensive Course Builder

Tutor LMS comes with a revolutionary drag & drop system to create resourceful courses. It's rich yet simple.
Drag & drop system

Drag & drop system

Unlimited customization

Unlimited customization

User-friendly interface

User-friendly interface

Plenty of options

Plenty of options


Advanced Quiz Creator

The rich quiz creation options in this WordPress LMS plugin enable you to select question patterns, set time limits, and more.

Frontend Course Builder

The first-ever WordPress Frontend Course Builder is found in Tutor LMS. Create quizzes, add multiple instructors & get all the backend options right on the frontend.

Easy eLearning Management

Tutor LMS helps you stay in charge of all your courses. Managing your eLearning platform is incredibly easy with this WordPress LMS plugin.

Reports & Analytics

Analyze your course performance with its filterable stats generated automatically. The WordPress LMS plugin makes complex assessments go simple.

Withdrawal Options

Manage withdrawals of all earnings from the thorough & sorted out processes in Tutor LMS withdraw settings.

Earning & Commission Allocation

Earning & commission allocation options are built inside Tutor LMS. You can distribute commission, set commission percentage, deduct fees, and manage the entire process!

Pro Addons

Enrich your eLearning platform functionalities
with premium addons

Tutor Certificate

Tutor E-Mail

Tutor Prerequisites

Tutor Course Attachments

Tutor Multi Instructors

Tutor Assignments

Tutor Course Preview

Tutor Report

More Addons Coming

Roadmap of the Full-fledged
Tutor LMS Plugin



See what makes it worth buying
Tutor LMS Pro

Core Features Basic Pro
Intuitive Course Builder
Unlimited Lessons & Courses
Advanced Quiz Creator
Question & Answers Section
Video Player with Resuming
Native Video Uploading
YouTube & Vimeo Video
Course Announcements
Unlimited Course Instructors
Student & Instructor Dashboards
Course Rating & Review
Content Security
Custom Gutenberg Blocks
Spotlight Mode
Time Expiration Prompts
Limit Quiz Attempts
Set Passing Grade
Automated Results
Fill in the Blanks
Single Choice
Multiple Choice
Open Ended/Essay
Short Answer
Image Matching
Image Answering
Certificate Templates
Powerful Reports
Course Prerequisites
Multimedia Attachments
Course Preview
Email Notifications
Assignment Submission
Frontend Course Builder
Content Drip
Grading System
Multiple Instructors
BuddyPress Integration
WooCommerce Support
Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) Support
Paid Membership Pro Support
WooCommerce Subscription Support
Manual Enrollments
Restrict Content Pro Integration
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Plugin short tour

Tutor LMS empowers dynamic eLearning, monetization,
and administration of your courses!

Course Management System
Quiz Creator
  • 10 Question Patterns

    There are 10 unique question types that make quizzes extremely challenging & fun for students while being easy to grade.

  • Set Quiz Timers & Quiz Attempts

    Define how long students can take to complete a specific question or the entire quiz.

  • Quiz Attempts Overview

    Grade and review open-ended answers and the entire question set for each student.

  • Results Overview

    For predefined answers, Tutor generates automated results. For answers that need reviewing, results auto-update after teachers enter it.

  • Advanced Quiz Settings

    A tonnes of useful quiz options such as grading method, time expiration rules and more with Tutor advanced quiz options.

Administration Options
  • Powerful Analytics

    Manage students and instructor profiles directly from the admin panel.

  • Manage Reviews

    Supervise course reviews from students to approve or delete certain reviews.

  • Email Notifications

    Stay connected with students, teachers and customize email notifications.

  • Q&A Section

    Create a dedicated platform where students can ask questions, comment and interact.

  • Lesson Timers

    Set the time for each lesson and course duration for your students.

Set up, organize and arrange courses
simply with Tutor LMS!

Have your online courses all set to start in a few simple steps!
  • 01

    Create Courses

    Build courses with topics, lessons & other necessary contents.

  • 02

    Add Quizzes

    Make engaging quizzes with different question patterns.

  • 03

    Sell Courses

    Sell your courses to target students and make money.

  • 04

    Offer Certificates

    Award custom certificates on course completion.

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Hands-on with the ins and outs of WordPress and other relevant stuff.
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Your website is future-proof with our
up-to-date products

1.7.221 October 2020


New: Course filter option in Course Archive page

New: Public Course/Private course option

New: Now student will get email notification after his enrollment


Update: Hide Become Instructor button if someone’s already applied

Update: Enable/disable Video source and choose default video source option

Update: Email Notification after instructor sign-up (Now admin will receive mail notification)

Update: Assignment page with new deadline notice, expired message and more.

Update: Instructor Request page with new prompts

Bug Fix

Fix: Quiz submission email recipients

Fix: Enrolment email notification issue

Fix: Assignment submission email recipients

Fix: Canceling order does not update the student count on instructor dashboard

Fix: Fatal Error in the Sales tab of Reports Addon

Fix: RTL layout issue in Add-on list

Fix: Color settings

Fix: Minor text issues

1.7.109 October 2020



New: Zoom Integration

New: Google Classroom Integration

New: 3rd Party Google reCaptcha plugin support

Bug Fix

Fix: Compatibility issue with WCFM

Fix: Quiz attempt review issue

Fix: Course duplication issue

Fix: Assignment search issue

1.7.004 September 2020


New: Set commission per instructor

New: Instructor signature on the certificate

New: Duplicate any course from the Tutor LMS course list

New: Settings to disable certificate in a single course

New: Settings to disable Q&A on a specific course

New: Force download for course attachment

New: Compatibility with the GeneratePress theme

Bug Fix

Fix: Review issue for answers regarding Open Ended/Essay questions

Fix: Wrong percentage was showing on quiz results

Fix: Course got published automatically

Fix: Deprecated unparenthesized method

1.6.920 August 2020


New: 13 new email notification

New: Added 6 new action hooks


do_action('tutor_after_student_signup', $user_id);

do_action('tutor_enrollment/after/cancel', $enrol_id);

do_action('tutor_enrollment/after/delete', $enrol_id);

do_action('tutor_enrollment/after/complete', $enrol_id);

do_action('tutor_announcements/after/save', $announcement_id);

do_action('tutor_quiz/attempt/submitted/feedback', $attempt_id);


New: Added helper method `tutils()->get_enrolment_by_enrol_id($enrol_id)` to get enrollment details by enrolid

New: Added helper method `tutils()->get_student_emails_by_course_id($course_id)` to get array list of enrolled user emails


Update: User can disable Tutor LMS native login system

Update: ImageMagick dependency removed from certificate generator

Update: Option added to control course content access for instructors and administrators

Update: Topic Summary toggle option added in course page

Bug Fix

Fix: Certificate Unicode fonts issue

Fix: Certificate image generation issues

Fix: Issue with deleting reviews from Reports addon

Fix: Lesson page access issue for administrator

Fix: CSS issue in back-end course builder

Fix: SQL syntax error on course page

1.6.728 July 2020


Update: Admins/instructors can view their course content from the front-end

Update: Add dynamic template support for Course Prerequisites

Update: Add action hook "tutor_after_review_update" in Ajax class

Bug Fix

Fix: Enrollment issue while updating EDD payment status

Fix: Enrollment issue in WooCommerce manual order

Fix: Certificates translation issue

Fix: Login redirect issue

1.6.615 July 2020


New: Student/instructor profile completion


Update: Delete all related course data when permanently deleting a course

Update: Course status text changed from Publish to Published in instructor's my course panel

Update: Server-side validation in the Q&A tab

Update: WordPress date format support in certificates

Update: Improved Dashboard sidebar menu

Bug Fix

Fix: Quiz restart issue after completion when Quiz Auto Start is enabled

Fix: Maximum Students limit wasn’t working for manual enrollment

Fix: Quick edit vanishes course metadata (Intro video, Benefits, Requirements, Targeted Audience, Materials Included)

Fix: Incorrect quiz result issue for randomized multiple choice question answers

Fix: Tutor Instructor user role update issue

Fix: Unanswered question count issue

1.6.502 July, 2020


New: Sales & Students report for the Report Add-on(Pro)


Updated: New student column in quiz attempt on frontend dashboard

Bug Fix

Fixed: Quiz retry and reveal mode error for certain types of quizzes

Fixed: Resource issue from the course page

Fixed: Logo image size issue for frontend course builder

Fixed: Couldn’t stop loading certain tutor CSS/JS

Fixed: Blank attachment & prerequisites while updating course using quick edit

Fixed: EDD purchase history in frontend dashboard

Fixed: Quiz import file size limit increased

Fixed: CSV quiz import issue for Windows OS

Removed: ‘Mr.’ text removed from the content of all email notifications

1.6.415 June, 2020


New: Quiz Feedback system

New: Now instructor can manage Q&A from the frontend dashboard


Updated: Quiz attempt re-designed

Updated: Quiz attempt and my quiz attempt icon

Removed: Unnecessary css file from certificate addon

Bug Fix

Fixed: {enroll_time} parameter issue in Q&A email notification template

Fixed: Special Character & Content issue in Q&A email notification template

Fixed: Maximum Number of students for Course Enrolment

1.6.320 MAY, 2020


New: Now students can answer Q&A from the frontend

New: Set answer word limit for Open-Ended and Essay type questions

New: Replace the login error message for an incorrect password with your own custom message


Update: Course single page overview tab renamed to resources page.

Bug Fix

Fix: Randomize feature not working for answering options

Fix: Close login popup without show any error message.

Fix: Password/username validation messages and UX

Fix: Social share content issue.

Fix: Course duration and video playback time validation.

1.6.214 MAY, 2020


Added: Display Name preference on the certificate, added settings to Dashboard > Settings > Profile

Added: Custom HTML support for quiz question description

Added: Quiz status pending if contains open ended and short questions.

Bug Fix

Fixed: Tutor LMS > Enrollments is showing same date for all items

Fixed: Does not show 11th course on Dashboard

Fixed: Check file extension while uploading the video

FIxed: Wrong link in withdraw preference in dashboard

FIxed: What Will I Learn section is hidden for enrolled students

Fixed: Missing translations in dashboard

Update: Course status ‘Publish’ to ‘Published’ in dashboard

1.6.129 APRIL, 2020


Added: Course Completion Process. Flexible and Strict mode. in strict mode, students have to complete all lessons and pass all quizzes in order to complete any course.

Added: Quiz question validation, all type of quiz are now under validation except quiz ordering type

Added: hook, tutor/course/enrol_status_change/after

Added: utils method, get_course_by_enrol_id($enrol_id);

Added utils method, course_enrol_status_change($enrol_id = false, $new_status = '');

Bug Fix

Improved: curriculum content add button group design, now it’s link style button.

Improved: course completion progress bar, is now counting quiz attempts and assignment. It will show 100% progress when you done all lessons, quiz, and assignments.

Fixed: Tutor is sending the Course Enrollment email to the instructor without completing the payment

Fixed: quiz question description div print even if the description is not exist

1.6.016 APRIL, 2020


New: Quiz Export/Import add-on (Pro)

Added: Method tutils()->cancel_course_enrol()

Added: Function is_single_course();

Added: Action hook do_action('tutor_new_instructor_after', $user_id); at register instructor and apply as an instructor

Added: action hook do_action(“tutor_course_builder_before_quiz_btn_action”, $quiz_id);


Improved: Certificate generator PDF compatibility with PHP 7.3

Removed: Options from the _tutorobject JavaScript Variable

Bug Fix

Fixed: Email notification showing raw variable {instructor_username}

Fixed: Paid Membership Pro expiration issue

Fixed: ability to empty and deleting empty additional meta fields from the post_meta.

Fixed: Earning option enable if the marketplace was selected during the setup wizard

1.5.908 APRIL, 2020

Bug Fix

ixed: Dashboard > Earning > Statements link fixed from Earning page

Fixed: Course author flag, the flag will be only author name besides.

Fixed: Instructor search options

Fixed: Capability to add more than 10 Instructors

Fixed: Fill the gap quiz option is not accepting capital letters

Fixed: Perfect report showing from starting day to ending day, scenario: Last Month, This Month, Last Week, This Week, Date Range.

Fixed: Allow Publishing Course option is not working in Gutenberg editor backend

Fixed: Quiz image matching question image covering the matching words issue

Fixed: Withdrawal timezone issue

Fixed: One instructor can view others withdrawal amount

Fixed: (Oxygen Builder Integration) Student getting Instructor dashboard

Fixed: few spelling issue

1.5.831 MARCH, 2020


Updated: Wishlist will now show Tutor LMS popup login form to non-logged users

Update: No more course price in a single course if the course already enrolled.

Bug Fix

Fix: Set value 0 to show default value in option panel

Fix: Auto-assign Admin while approving pending course at Gutenberg editor

Fix: Admin added as an instructor by default in courses

Fix: Disable review option working properly, disabled course review form

Fix: Quiz Attempts end time

Fix: Quiz Attempts answers order

Fix: Wrong calculation when enabled fees deduction before instructor and admin share divide.

Deprecated: tutor_archive_course_add_to_cart() from v.1.5.8

Removed: “tutor_archive_course_add_to_cart()” from the “plugins/tutor/templates/archive-course.php”. Please update if you had overridden this file to your theme.

1.5.719 MARCH, 2020


New: Setup Wizard for faster and smoother launch

New: get_tutor_all_withdrawal_methods() function to get all available withdrawal methods


Update: Optimized database query on get_course_first_lesson() on Utils

Update: Show/hide withdrawal requests and Instructors menu from Tutor Admin Menu based on enable/disable course marketplace

Bug Fix

Fix: Timezone issue at quiz start and the remaining time

Fix: Few text domains added for translation support

Fix: Continue to Lesson button issue when 100% of the course is complete

1.5.606 MARCH, 2020


New: Feature image support for lessons


Fix: Courses per page issue on course archives in Divi Builder

Fix: Search issue on custom course archive pages

Fix: Redirect to next lesson issue after completing lessons (headers sent)

1.5.527 February, 2020


Custom links now supported in Dashboard menu

Dashboard headers added in shortcode/oxygen dashboard template


All purchase history items now sorted by descending order

Bug Fix

Create new account translate issue. templates/global/login.php line number 79

Dashboard page load and logout issue by Shortcode

Guest add to cart issue on course archive page for both WooCommerce and EDD

Course Settings single tab toggle click hide issue fix

Active links with page in the dashboard for shortcode/oxygen

E-Mail to Students on Quiz Completed is now working (Pro)

1.5.411 February, 2020


Frontend dashboard performance

Bug Fix

An infinite loop in frontend course builder for SEO related plugin activation: 'classes/Shortcode.php'line number '53'

Maintenance mode override for wp-login.php page

1.5.304 February, 2020


Go auto next after finish lesson (When no video)

Nonce field at add instructor form to determine that request comes from the dedicated page.


Instructor approved/blocked by ajax request in post method with the nonce check (Security Update)

1.5.229 January, 2020


hide frontend admin bar based on the option check


Preview lesson got the full view with unenrolled behavior (Pro)

Bug Fix

docs links in edit quiz modal in the quiz builder

reviews database query reviews now query with or without user ID

wishlist query, added where post type = courses and post_status = publish

ask the question from assignments and quiz page.

permission issue for auto-installation tutor plugin

1.5.106 January, 2020


Certificate verification public URL (Pro)

filter `apply_filters('tutor_courses_base_slug', $course_post_type)`

fitler `apply_filters('tutor_lesson_base_slug', $lesson_post_type)`

Bug Fix

lesson editor content post issue, some content sometime not saved before.

file system issue after update option hook, while create maintance mode file.

1.5.024 December, 2019


BuddyPress Integration (TutorLMS Pro)

Go next lesson after ending video lesson

Hide course-product from shop page.

action hook `do_action('tutor_quiz/start/before', $quiz_id, $user_id);`

action hook `do_action('tutor_quiz/start/after', $quiz_id, $user_id, $attempt_id);`

filter `apply_filters('is_completed_course', $is_completed, $course_id, $user_id)`

1.4.924 December, 2019


Added: BuddyPress Integration (TutorLMS Pro)

Added: Go next lesson after ending video lesson

Added: Hide course-product from shop page.

Added: action hook `do_action('tutor_quiz/start/before', $quiz_id, $user_id);`

Added: action hook `do_action('tutor_quiz/start/after', $quiz_id, $user_id, $attempt_id);`

Added: filter `apply_filters('is_completed_course', $is_completed, $course_id, $user_id)`

1.4.810 December, 2019


Added: Restrict Content Pro Integration (TutorLMS Pro)

Added: Course Details Page elements enable / disable

Added: action hook `do_action( "tutor_save_course_after", $post_ID, $post);`

Added: action hook `do_action('tutor/course/started', $course_id);`

Added: action hook `do_action('tutor/lesson/created', $lesson_id);`

Bug Fix

Fixed: implode parameter in utils `utils()->get_total_quiz_attempts_by_course_ids()`;

1.4.728 November, 2019


Added: Next Previous Lesson|quiz|assignments

Added: User Profile Update From Backend and Frontend Dashboard is now synced, no matters it's from media or browser file input.

Added: Quiz description implementation

Added: `tutor_single_quiz_content()` to get quiz description within Standard Loop

1.4.611 November, 2019


Added: Maintenance Mode

Added: Frontend course edit link from Course Edit Page Admin bar LINK

Bug Fix

Fixed: bug during add topic in course builder

Fixed: certificate download fatal error related microtime() in tutor-pro version

1.4.521 October, 2019


Added: Disable Course Review option


Updated: removed media uploader on dashboard profile photo upload added native file upload system.

Updated: Time GMT from WordPress settings

Bug Fix

Fixed: course start and continue to lesson order fixed

1.4.416 October, 2019


Improved: quiz draggable answer drop accessibility

Bug Fix

Fixed: quiz question sortable sorting item

Fixed: prevented fatal error in single quiz question with no option and trying to finish quiz.

1.4.311 October, 2019


Added: Reset Password, Tutor LMS native login system

Added: re-generate tutor pages, create new page if any issue on those page.

Added: Added quiz attempt view by student (TutorLMS Pro)

Added: function `tutor_action_field()` to generate tutor action field within form

Added: Instructor can delete submitted assignment.

Added: `tutor_redirect_back()` Redirect to back or a specific URL and terminate the script.

Added: `tutor_get_template_html( $template_name, $variables = array() );` function, it will return view as HTML code, usefull for E-Mail

Added: Frontend Course Builder Page Logo Upload Option, Settings > General > Tutor LMS Pro Settings


Updated: Options is now expandable, pass additional options params to filter `tutor/options/extend/attr`

Updated: User Login controlling by Tutor

Updated: media upload field improved with media delete option

Deleted: Quiz Deprecated code.

Bug Fix

Fixed: Touch supports for quiz Sortable / draggable items

Fixed: Quiz matching question type repeated issue

Fixed: Admin gets automatically added when review course

Fixed: Instructor total course does not update after deleting a course

Fixed: Updated time to tutor_time() to get WordPress UTC time

1.4.225 September, 2019


Added: Greadbook Addons in the Tutor LMS Pro version

Added: action hook after quiz attempt end, `do_action('tutor_quiz/attempt_ended', $attempt);`, `do_action('tutor_quiz/attempt_analysing/before', $attempt);`

Added: Assignment submmiting / submitted flag to lesson sidebar in lesson single page

Added: Template support from Tutor Pro

Added: action hook after addon enable disable,


do_action('tutor_addon_before_enable', $addonFieldName);

do_action('tutor_addon_after_enable', $addonFieldName);

do_action('tutor_addon_before_disable', $addonFieldName);

do_action('tutor_addon_after_disable', $addonFieldName);



Updated: Tutor Settings page URL is now updating when change settings page

Updated: Addon icons

Bug Fix

Fixed: Rating placing issue, sometime it missed rating value, but it will never hapen again.

Fixed: `.tutor-icon-angle-left` `.tutor-icon-angle-right` toggle during lesson single sidebar show hide

1.4.110 September, 2019


Added: utils method `get_course_settings($course_id = 0, $key = null, $default = false)`

Added: `get_tutor_course_settings($course_id = 0, $key = null, $default = false);`

Added: Content Drip Addon (Pro)

Added: Course settings with developer support

Added: tutor_alert() function to print various type of alert, warning, success, danger

1.4.030 August, 2019


Page builder support on the lesson.

Enrollments list on in admin area, admin can now cancel, approve enrolment or delete. (Pro)

Manually enrollment student to a course (Pro)

students quiz attempts on the frontend

Sticky lesson sidebar on the spotlight mode

Course permalink on the dashboard Most Popular Courses

Quiz Questions Order settings, Student answer to quiz questions as per order. 4 types of order, (random, sorting, asc, desc)

Redirect to the current course page after register.

Review update from dashboard > review > Given

Received reviews on all courses in dashboard

Assignment submission validation for the answer.

Quiz question options validation and correct answer validation


Turned off reload the page while tutor settings save.

Bug Fix

save and continue to click on question edit modal, open question lists immediately under a quiz.

text formatting issue in the quiz, some of the single or double quote comes with a slash. used `stripslashes();`

some default value issue on the quiz.

quiz page spotlight mode.

Multiples text translation issues

Chart-js Initiate in the pro version

Report Datepicker css/js in the frontend dashboard

Rating delete issues, it was actually report.js loading issues

Multiple E-Mail template loading issue

1.3.919 August, 2019

Bug Fix

Resetting Paid Membership Pro plugins settings when saving tutor settings.

quiz question issue when no settings saved.

Complete lesson button responsive issue

1.3.809 August, 2019

Bug Fix

`tutor_get_template()` function, it's now checking template from child-theme also, if template not found in the child theme, then it will look from the parent theme.

Show/Hide browse Q&A based on settings.

create_certificate under init hook from Tutor Certificate Addon (Pro)

1.3.708 August, 2019


WooCommerce Subscriptions Addon in the pro version

action hook `do_action('tutor_is_enrolled_before', $course_id, $user_id);` and filter hook `apply_filters('tutor_is_enrolled', $getEnrolledInfo, $course_id, $user_id);`

user social links ability from frontend dashboard


student public profile design updated

Bug Fix

Quiz attempt allowed 0 issue has been fixed. Strictly checking if it's zero, then it will be no limit

Tutor LMS Pro addon loading issue on the windows machine

query public profile user by user_nicename instead of user_login

touch event on click Lessn and Q&A navigation in mobile

1.3.605 August, 2019


Centralized course monetization partner system, it's moved to under monetization tab in the settings. A centralized system to select course selling platform

Tutor Assignments on the free versions add-on lists to notify users

a function `get_tutor_option($key = null, $default = false)` to get tutor option, an alies of `tutils()->get_option($key, $default);`

a function `update_tutor_option($key = null, $value = false)` to update tutor option, an alies of `tutils()->update_option($key, $value);`

Paid Membership Pro for subscription plan (Pro)

Bug Fix

WC Notice print when adding to cart course

Single course template loading issue

1.3.529 July, 2019


Direct publish course from frontend course builder if the current user is an administrator

a helper method to get course type `tutils()->price_type()`

course type (free or paid) to the course editor from

Filter to change template path apply_filters('tutor_get_template_path', $template_location, $template)


`is_course_purchasable()` is now checking if there is any course type. if it free, then it will return false under 'is_course_paid' filter

Bug Fix

add to wishlists, it didn't work on multiple courses wishlists

duplicate entry for the topic in the course builder

1.3.423 July, 2019


Frontend Drag and Drop Course Builder with quiz builder and assignment creation options

Lifetime deal license checking and validation to get regular update and pro features in the pro version.

add new instructor action hook and filter hook,

`do_action('tutor_add_new_instructor_form_fields_before'); `, `do_action('tutor_add_new_instructor_form_fields_after');`, `do_action('tutor_add_new_instructor_before');`, `do_action('tutor_add_new_instructor_after', $user_id);`, `apply_filters('add_new_instructor_data', $userdata)`

Dashboard subpage and dashboard menu item load permission basis

Topic toggle in lesson single page and information about toggle icon added

Course content is now linkable on the enrolled course page

Filter `apply_filters('get_tutor_load_template_variables', $variables);` at `tutor_load_template()` function

Added: action hook `do_action('tutor_load_template_before', $template, $variables);`, `do_action('tutor_load_template_before_after', $template, $variables);` at `tutor_load_template()` function

create and attached product with course while creating a course from frontend

Full-Screen Mode, students now can learn the lesson in full-screen mode without any inturruption.

Enable disable settings for YouTube and Vimeo Video default player

a new helper functions called `tutils()`, it's alies of `tutor_utils()`


Tutor frontend dashboard menu title now could be string or array with the `show_ui` key in the`array()`, show_ui key will be true or false to show it in the menu item visible or not.

Bug Fix

complete lesson button from mobile view.

Total Enrolled count in course details page

Course content looping count, lesson exact count by course content in the lesson.

some addon loading issue, tutor pro classes autoloading issue"

Delete video meta when select none from the video source in the course and lesson option.

1.3.321 June, 2019


Tutor Assignment Addon in the pro version

Upgrade to pro text in plugin action links if Tutor Pro LMS does not exist or not installed

tutor_assignments course post type

`tutor_course_contents_post_types` course content filter


categories to course categories

some template hook modified

Bug Fix

Fixed: tutor pro function checking `function_exists('tutor_pro');`

`wp_enqueue_editor()` in Assets class frontend frontend_scripts method conflict issue with divi builder

1.3.229 MAY, 2019


Added: centralized tutor version upgrading system by a dedicated class called Upgrader

Added: add to cart guest mode in WooCommerce integration based on Tutor LMS > settings > woocommerce

Added: Gutenberg support on course edit page based on settings

Added: Automatic free plugin install from pro when the pro version is activated but the free plugin does not exist (pro)

Added: nice notice bar for install or activate free version from pro (pro)

Added: Pro text in the tutor LMS dashboard menu when Tutor Pro plugin installed and activated


Updated: a design for course listing, removed hover and moved it to straight course gird footer

Removed: license restriction for features, it required now for auto-update (pro)

Bug Fix

Fixed: a Gutenberg bug related post author on course post type, usually post_author column saved 0 if course edit with Gutenberg, we fixed this issue.

Fixed: a template condition in the course description

Fixed: Response design all issue fixed

Fixed: array count check and return issue in utils

Fixed: a bug in dashboard/settings, withdraw menu removed from subscriber/users dashboard, and only shown in the instructor’s dashboard.

1.3.122 May, 2019


Added: status in the purchase history list

Added: Shortcode for the coruse query, full shortcode `[tutor_course id="20,64" exclude_ids="567,332" category="18,19" order="desc" count="3"]`

Added: a simple shortcode builder to build [tutor_course] Shortcode from classic editor

Added: Tutor course widget to display course to sidebar

Added: `utils()->get_raw_course_price($course_id)`, it will be return to your regular price and sale price as object

Added: Course page edit by Pagebuilder integration which supports frontend editing

Added: `$size = 'post-thumbnail',` Arguments at function `get_tutor_course_thumbnail()` And `get_tutor_course_thumbnail_src();`


Changed: a template the_content(), reordered position in course single page

Upgraded: course url upgrade to plural format, courses

Bug Fix

Fixed: Hide zero rating count in the course loop grid

Fixed: some translation issue

1.3.017 May, 2019


Added: Flash Msg ability to show flash msg in a different view or different action

Added: Styling, change default color scheme

Added: return at tutor_course_loop_thumbnail() based on $echo condition

Added: Purchase history from the dashboard

Added: Become Instructor Button on student dashboard based on settings

Added: Enable Disable Course Market place, default Tutor LMS will be single instructor format.


Reduced: Instructor and Student Registration form field. removed phone number and profile bio filed from the registration page.

Moved: tutor icon CSS file from tutor-front.css file to individually

Bug Fix

Fixed: a template div closing/return issue in dashboard > reviews menu

Fixed: Tutor course content export-import in WordPress way

Fixed: Some responsive issue in course details and lesson page

1.2.2010 May, 2019


Added: Reset Password from Tutor dashboard

Added: Course Category Image

Added: my course delete / trash from the dashboard

Added: profile photo upload from dashboard profile edit page

Added: Profile Edit from settings page


Removed: Gutenburg Addon for tutor dashboard as it's not necessary, now dashboard comes with settings > selected dashboard page.

Renamed: Gutenberg blocks label

Bug Fix

Fixed: a default value issue in option checkbox

Fixed: a permission issue for administrator while attempt to edit other authors course

Fixed: course post type in rewrite URL, if it changes via the filter

1.2.1326 April, 2019


Added: Instructor role to the administrator during plugin activation

Bug Fix

Fixed: Course Permission options settings, it was shown always log-in page

Fixed: Enable students to show reviews wrote on their profile from settings

Fixed: Show completed course settings

1.2.1225 April, 2019


Added: Synced role with tutor instructor role when changing it from WP User Edit page

Added: Flatpro theme compatibility

Bug Fix

Fixed: Some design issue in quiz builder

Fixed: WooCommerce price error when WC is not exists

Removed: Edit Icon on true/false type question in the quiz builder

1.2.1124 April, 2019


Added: few action hooks at the quiz

Added: a filter hook to support pro version more perfectly

1.2.123 April, 2019


Added: email field type at withdrawals methods form generator

Added: addon lists added to regular version when the pro is not exists

Bug Fix

Fixed: Some design issue in quiz builder

Fixed: Paypal E-Mail field name, physical address field name at e-check method

1.2.019 April, 2019


Added: Earning calculation, report, statements at front dashboard

Added: multiple withdraw method with development support, withdraw confirmation, approved, reject from admin

Added: database table , `{$wpdb->prefix}tutor_earnings`, `{$wpdb->prefix}tutor_withdraws`

Added: RTL CSS support

Added: Footer text only on Tutor LMS pages in admin dashboard

Added: a default parameter of $instructor_id = 0 on `tutor_utils()->get_courses_by_instructor()`

Added: second parameter `$post_status = 'publish'` on `tutor_utils()->get_courses_by_instructor()`, `$post_status = 'any'` will be return any type of course belongs with current or given user id

Bug Fix

Fixed: Storefront theme compatibility container width

Fixed: Available Instructors Display on the Course edit page

Fixed: muiltiple course order issue by WooCommerce

Fixed: Another author post edit prevented by Tutor

Changed: Student dashboard to Tutor Dashboard, shortcode, templates, url

1.1.129 March, 2019


Added: Storefront Theme compatibility

Bug Fix

Fixed: quiz builder init sortable question types on load quiz via $.ajax();

1.1.028 March, 2019

Bug Fix

Fixed: Multiple Instructor, search feature working when pro is not exists

Fixed: an issue in time update when time limit 0 in quiz attempt, it was return in front-js middle point, so rest of js not worked

1.0.928 March, 2019


Limit: Quiz Question 5 types

Updated: course saving message to course related words

Bug Fix

Fixed: is course complete check an issue if user not logged in return false

Fixed: an issue: in WooCommerce discount coupon for course

Fixed: Lesson slug will be updated instantly right after update lesson content and title

Changed: Some text, spelling

1.0.825 March, 2019


Added: WooCommerce and EDD support to sell courses

1.0.722 March, 2019


Added: Radio input type at options panel

Added: required indication for required fields in add new instructor page from admin panel


Updated: Moved some option select to radio

Updated: Attempts allowed field slider to number field

Updated: Removed zero decimal value from the course complete progress bar

Bug Fix

Fixed: redirect back to the quiz after quiz attempt submit

Fixed: No time limit quiz attempt finishing instantly, it should be no time limit

Fixed: video poster field show hide based on video source at the course, lesson

1.0.620 March, 2019


Added: Drop tutor LMS related database table while uninstalling


Updated: option tab design

Bug Fix

Fixed: Fix a condition of adding autoload class

1.0.518 March, 2019


Updated Rating and review, added individual 5 stars, 4 stars, 3 stars, 2 stars, 1 star rating count with the meter

1.0.415 March, 2019


Added: Social share

Added: course author should be the auto instructor


Updated: Show login form in enrolment box when the user in guest mode and trying to purchase/enroll a course

Bug Fix

Fixed: Question and answer query for instructor which course only belongs with him.

Fixed: rating and review placing issue, some time it was stuck

Added: translation pot file and languages directory

Fixed: Few known bugs

1.0.308 March, 2019


Added: onclick topic title slide topic body in course builder

Added: Add new instructor from instructors > add new instructor, in the dashboard


Removed: some commented unused code

Removed: Save and exit button in quiz builder

Removed: some console.log() at javascript files

Updated: course level input select to radio

Updated: Moved question type in the top in quiz builder question

Updated: Course builder lesson and quiz design

Updated: Quiz attempt view for the instructor

Updated: quiz attempts query for instructor and removed attempts which are not submitted yet.

Bug Fix

Fixed: Frontend Template compatible, .tutor-container class CSS

Fixed: Perfectly topic toggle arrow down up, on click in course builder

Fixed: some buttons hover CSS in the quiz, course builder

Fixed: When Tutor Pro does not exist, get enroll button will be in course loop with the free price

Fixed: Ability to check multiple answers instant right after add question in quiz question type multiple_choice

Fixed: Image answering question type result in the quiz

Fixed: a bug in quiz attempt review, it was multi-time decrease when mark as incorrect, not actually marked.

Fixed: Few known bugs

1.0.206 March, 2019


Added: button save, save and closed in quiz modal

Added: Registering user and redirect to Dashboard URL

Added: questions sorting in quiz builder

Added: question specific class in quiz answer options


Update: Quiz attempt design with questions

Update: some text, typo

Bug Fix

Fixed: instructor database query in instructor lists

Fixed: query randomized questions limit by quiz

Fixed: Starting quiz for first time return 0, it should redirect to the quiz page

1.0.1 05 March, 2019


Added a course_column in attempts table

Showed his courses attempts on instructors panel

Added v.1, added v.1.0.0 compatibility

Showed full courses comment in guest/public view of single course

Renamed tags to skills

Bug Fix

Fixed few bugs, improved performance

1.0.001 March, 2019


Added Quiz, quiz builder, course builder

Stable Release

Bug Fix

Fixed huge bugs from alpha version

1.0.0-alpha06 Feb, 2019


Alpha Release

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