Qubely Update: Enjoy Enhanced Table of Content, Advanced List Block, And More

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Qubely Free v1.8.0 & Qubely Pro v1.3.7

Hola Qubely users! We’ve got some great news for you all. As you can already tell by the title, your favorite Gutenberg block plugin—Qubely is here with a fresh update. This update contains numerous bug-squashing fixes to our Qubely blocks along with improvements that focus on a few long-standing user requests. 

Excited to find out what’s new in this version of Qubely? Let’s take a closer look. 

Qubely Free v1.8.0 & Qubely Pro v1.3.7 Changelog:

  • Update: In Advanced List Block, Ordered List is introduced
  • Update: Bullet Point feature is introduced in the Table Content
  • Update: Table of Contents now supports Advanced Text Header
  • Fix: Contact Form was not sending Emails with proper header information
  • Fix: In Post Grid Block, the Title Tag was not being changed

Get Ordered List in Advanced List Block

Who doesn’t love the Advanced List block of Qubely? It makes your simple lists more fun and interactive by providing a better UI and styling. With this update, we have added the Ordered List feature to indicate a series of items for better understandable checklists, feature lists, etc. 

Enhanced Table of Content

A neat, navigable, and clickable Table of Content enhances your blog greatly and lets the busy bees jump to a section they’re interested in. Qubely users can easily achieve that with a pre-built Table of Content that’s highly customizable to fit your needs. 

The good news is, with this update you get to enjoy an enhanced Table of Content that supports Bullet Point List and Advanced Text Header.

Notable Fixes

Previously, you couldn’t change the header tags of the titles of the Post Grid block. Now, you can change the header tags of the Post Grid title from H1 to H6. 

Post Grid Block Title Tag Qubely

Also, the issue with the Contact Form not sending emails with proper header information has been taken care of in this update. 

Wrapping Up

This update to Qubely brings a new feel and a lot more efficiency to the existing blocks to make your experience more pleasant. Please update to the latest version and let us know your experience in the comments. Good day!