Introducing Skillate: The Perfect Theme for Your WordPress LMS Course Marketplace

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With a fresh start to 2020, the team here at Themeum has brought you a brand new theme. Meet Skillate, an eLearning theme for all your LMS needs. This theme is powered by Tutor LMS, the most versatile LMS plugin for a WordPress course marketplace. 

Building a flexible eLearning platform has never been easier! With Skillate, our main focus was to empower everyone to easily create a modern online course marketplace. Backed up by an emphasis on mobile-ready UX, we believe we’ve struck the right balance between flexibility and functionality.

Here’s a quick rundown of Skillate’s features for all you busy bees: 

  • 3 home variations
  • Mobile ready UI & UX
  • Multi-instructor course marketplace
  • Advanced search with language filters
  • Gutenberg ready
  • Smart site navigation
  • Modern blog design
  • Teacher profiles
  • Powered by Tutor LMS
  • Ready to use built-in pages

Let’s dive into the details of Skillate’s features and see all that it will add to your WordPress website. 

3 Home Variations

We’ve fitted Skillate with 3 different home variations that introduce your site to the visitors. These 3 variations are for you to choose from, whether you like a modern look or a classic minimal look.

  • Default: This will be the most familiar homepage of the lot. Includes a live search bar with popular tags, category grid, deal countdown, and testimonials.
  • Creative: This homepage comes with a minimal live search bar, course grid, category grid, and a deal countdown followed by testimonials.
  • Classic: Includes a category grid, trending courses, a “Become a Teacher” CTA section, as well as testimonials.

Mobile Ready UI & UX

With this theme, we put extra attention to detail for the mobile experience. If you use Skillate on your eLearning platform, you will immediately notice how well made it is for mobile users. This theme switches to a modern mobile UX when viewed on a mobile device so that it feels like an application instead of a regular website. This will be the favorite feature of your platform users that like to learn on the go. 

Multi-Instructor Course Marketplace

Skillate is primarily aimed at creating a course marketplace with multiple instructors selling multiple courses. With easy revenue sharing modes from Tutor LMS, dashboard analytics, and multiple CTA sections, becoming an instructor is super easy. And as you may know, Tutor LMS has an open sign-up system so anyone can sign up, get approved, and start sharing their knowledge. 

Advanced Search With Language Filters

Skillate’s advanced course search system will help students find exactly what they are looking for. Skillate lets you go beyond regular search, with filters for categories, course levels, and most significantly, course language for the ultimate flexibility. 

Gutenberg Ready

All the Skillate pages have been created using Gutenberg blocks. We’ve tried to make Skillate as future-proof as possible by using this new way of building WordPress websites. We’ve also added 6 custom blocks only for this theme. As well as that, we’ve used the highly customizable and elegant Qubely blocks, so that customizing the site becomes a breeze. Qubely is also included in the theme package, so you can use these blocks anywhere you want. 

Smart Site Navigation

Site navigation is an aspect that we paid extra attention to while designing this theme. Skillate has a smart and sleek menu system, with a mega menu for Browse Courses to showcase all the categories in a clean way. Along with being responsive, each menu contains smooth animations and interactions to make your page more lively. 

Modern Blog Design

Skillate comes with an elegant design for both the blog archive page and the single blog page. The blog archive page contains 3 slots for featured blogs as well as a category and a tag section to jump right into what interests the visitor. Moreover, the blogs single page is created with a single column layout and a large banner, which creates a reader-friendly structure. All these features will create an engaging learning environment for all your audience.  

Teacher Profiles

With Skillate, you can showcase your knowledgeable and skilled instructors in style with Teacher Profiles. These profiles will create a personal touch with potential students by familiarizing them with the teacher. The profile also acts as a way for your teachers to advertise themselves and showcase their credentials to attract students. 

Custom Built-In Pages

This eLearning WordPress theme also comes with 4 built-in pages such as 404 page, about page, and more. This is done to ensure a sense of continuity throughout your website, even if it breaks.

Powered By Tutor LMS

Skillate comes with Tutor LMS inside. With Tutor LMS, you can seamlessly create resourceful courses, challenging quizzes, verifiable certificates and more. Create a course marketplace, and allow your instructors to flourish under your website with ease. Here are some of the most attractive Tutor LMS features: 

  • Easy to use course builder
  • Engaging quiz creator
  • Unlimited courses and lessons
  • Secure video attachments
  • Course completion certificates
  • Dashboard analytics 

Wrapping Up

Skillate is a pretty unique theme when compared to the other counterparts. This theme is primarily aimed towards a course marketplace that supports several instructors providing many courses. However, it is still flexible enough to do anything related to an LMS platform. With this theme, you will be able to set up an eLearning site within minutes. So, what’s holding you back? Get Skillate right now, let us know what you like and what you don’t!

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