Tutor LMS Elementor Add-on v2.0.2: Improved Course Curriculum, Instructor Widgets, and More

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Tutor LMS Elementor Add-on v2.0.2

Yes, that’s right, the update parade is not over yet folks! Today we are bringing you Tutor LMS Elementor Add-on v2.0.2 which includes two redesigned and enhanced widgets, a compatibility update, and several important fixes.

Have a look through the changelog below to know all about these changes.

Tutor LMS Elementor Add-on v.2.0.2 Changelog:

  • Update: “Course Curriculum” widget has been re-designed and improved for the Single Course page
  • Update: “Instructors” widget has been redesigned and improved for the Single Course page
  • Update: Elementor Compatibility is brought for the “Purchase” button of the EDD plugin
  • Fix: In the “Course List” widget the Login Modal was not appearing for Visitors while the Guest Mode is disabled
  • Fix: The color of “hours” and “minutes” text of “Duration” in the “Enrollment” widget could not be changed
  • Fix: The “Prerequisite” section was not appearing while editing a Course with Elementor

Redesigned Course Curriculum Widget

Tutor LMS Elementor Add-on v2.0.2

The Course Curriculum Widget, which has been redesigned in this update, is an accordion that lists the entire curriculum including all topics, lessons, quizzes, etc. 

This is very handy if you want to customize any of your Course Overview pages. Not only do separate widgets like this one let you arrange the course content on the page how you want, but it also gives you more freedom with design elements like spacing, color, and more.

Redesigned Instructor Widget

Tutor LMS Elementor Add-on v2.0.2

The other widget that’s been redesigned is Course Instructors. This nifty widget displays instructor information like their Profile Picture, Display Name, and Designation. However, each of these has a toggle that you can click on to hide them if you prefer.

Update Tutor LMS Elementor Add-on Now

The new update should already be live so grab that now and get one step closer towards a more customizable and user-friendly LMS site. We hope you like this update and if you have any suggestions or queries, give us a shout in the comments below. And until then, Adios!