Tutor LMS v1.9.11 Update: Getting Ready for Certificate Builder and More

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Hola eLearning enthusiasts! Your favorite LMS plugin is back with another update to provide you with an even better experience. Today’s update is going to prepare your LMS website to welcome the brand new certificate builder that is just around the corner, and offer other functionality improvements and fixes.

Let’s take a look at the latest features and fixes this update is bringing for you.

Tutor LMS v1.9.11 Changelog:

  • New: Certificate Builder plugin compatibility
  • Update: Gradebook data generates automatically
  • Update: Generate Gradebook button removed
  • Fix: Gradebook data not deleting on course retake
  • Fix: XSS vulnerability in registration page

Certificate Builder Compatibility

A brand new certificate builder is on its way to make your certificate building experience more pleasant than ever. With the power of drag & drop and advanced customization, you will be able to create certificates for your eLearning courses that speak your eLearning brand. 

Today’s update is intended to make your LMS site compatible with the new certificate builder plugin. To receive future updates and fixes of the certificate builder plugin, you’ll be required to have the active license key for Tutor LMS Pro. 

This is to check the active license key of Tutor LMS Pro and provide you with the latest updates, bug fixes, security patches, and more automatically. 

Dynamic Gradebook Functionalities 

Before, Gradebook was only generated when you selected the option Generate Gradebook. Now, the entire process has been automated, and Gradebook will be auto-generated for each student. This change is to make sure the certification creation process runs smoothly using the new certificate builder. 

Previously on retake courses, we’ve faced an issue with deleting data from the Gradebook. You’ll get to enjoy the fix for this issue in this update too. 

Wrapping Up

We are truly thankful for all the love and support you’ve showered Tutor LMS with and made it come this far. Now, gear up and get ready to enjoy the new certificate builder Tutor LMS is bringing for you.

As always, let us know your queries and feedback in the comments. We’re all ears!