Announcing Tutor LMS Certificate Builder – Design Certificates Your Students Deserve

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Announcing Tutor LMS certificate builder

At Themeum, we are always innovating ways designed by user requirements to build tools that are gonna help you build dreams into reality. Tutor LMS was one of our first gifts to you for this. As time has gone, we are more than overwhelmed that it has grown into a huge community of users.

We are updating Tutor LMS almost every week, but we didn’t want to stop there. In that spirit, we are proud to introduce to you today Tutor LMS Certificate Builder. A native drag & drop certificate building experience that is familiar to our users. 

Our research team went through some of the most popular LMS platforms out there and found out most of them don’t offer full freedom to offer a unique certificate giving experience to its students. We wanted to change that narrative. So our team of WordPress experts took the challenge, and finally, we came up with a certificate builder for Tutor LMS, with full freedom to build any kind of certificates you want.

Introducing Tutor LMS Certificate Builder

We are proud to bring to you Tutor LMS Certificate Builder, the result of our months’ hard work. From now on, you will be able to take advantage of a drag & drop builder experience for your Tutor LMS certificates.

We wanted to give you the best in class experience for building your certificates, that’s why we made sure you get the best product to try out. From now on, you won’t need to rely on manually customizing your certificate templates. Before you would have had to go through a manual process.

⚠️ To see the Certificate Builder menu, you need to enable the Certificate Add-on from the Add-ons list after you install Tutor LMS Certificate Builder.

Our Inspiration Behind Making Certificate Builder

With the previous version of Tutor LMS, if anyone chose to customize their certificates that they wanted to, they would have had to through the plugin file of the Tutor LMS folder.

They needed to go through the certificate templates folder on the Tutor LMS plugin folder. Which is in itself a hassle to begin. What’s more frustrating was that to change the template and its variable there was some specific knowledge that was required. But not anymore. We tried to bring to you a familiar approach.

Fully Customizable Ready Certificate Designs

With the release of the Tutor LMS Certificate Builder, you will get 25+ pre-built templates (each for horizontal & vertical) that have been built from scratch to meet every category of LMS types. Whether you are looking for a pre-built template to award your online kid’s learning platform, or if you are looking for certificates that are appropriate for a corporate skill, Tutor LMS Certificate Builder has it all.

And the best part of the pre-built templates is that they are all fully customizable. Meaning they have been made with the same elements, shapes that you can use to build your certificate from scratch.

Draggable & Dynamic Certificate Elements

Up next in the Tutor Certificate Builder, you will be glad to know that you are gonna get a wide range of elements that you can choose from to build your certificate from scratch or work on an existing template. You will be able to add elements such as:

  • Text: A text element to writing down everything you want to write down. You will be able to change the font, weight, and more.
  • Course: Add a course element that will dynamically pull in the course name of the course that the certificate is for. No need to do anything manually.
  • Student Name: Just like the course element, add the student’s name dynamically to your certificate.
  • Instructor: Add the instructor’s name to your certificate without writing it manually every time.
  • Signature: Upload an image and add it as a signature
  • Verification ID: Give an option for your students to authenticate their achieved certificate’s authenticity.
  • QR: Add a QR code directly in the certificate that anybody can scan and be redirected to the certificate URL.
  • Point: Show the points received for the course in the certificate.
  • Grade: Display the course grade in the certificate.
  • Time: Add the time the student received the certificate.
  • Duration: Show the duration of the course that the instructor added when building their course.

You will be able to simply drag and drop the elements in the builder and place them as you like. You will be able to edit the text with various options like using Google Fonts, changing font size, color, alignment, etc. 

Some elements such as Signature will let you upload an image to be used as a signature right from the editor.

Media Library

We wanted to provide an experience that you are most familiar with. That’s why you will be able to handle all your media files using the WordPress media manager. Just upload the image using the WordPress media uploader then you will be able to use it just like you would for any uploaded file on WordPress.

And if you are running out of inspiration for images then fear not, we also added Unsplash images support right inside the media section. Just search for the image you are looking for.

Shape and Icons Library

Want to give your certificates a unique look that will help differentiate them from the rest? We thought you would want that and added a wide range of shapes you can use to customize your certificates. In the shapes section, we have added different types of shapes such as

  • Shapes: The shapes section will help you add shapes that goes with your certificate and gives off a good first impression.
  • Illustration: Add illustrations to your certificate to show.
  • Badge: Badges will make the certificate look more professional. Add badges ranging from different categories to your certificate to make it look more professional and appealing to your students.
  • Border: Want to add borders that match your course? Now you can!
  • Frames: Frames will help you organize everything in your certificate making it look more structured.
  • Watermark: You don’t need to worry with anyone copying your certificates. Add an extra layer of security with watermarks.

All the shapes and icons that you find in the editor sections have been created to give you the most design freedom.


The background of the certificate is what will catch the attention of the viewer first. So why not make it memorable! Well harder than it sounds right. Not anymore.

With the Tutor Certificate Builder adding backdrops is easier than ever now. You will be able to customize the colors of your certificate background, select specific patterns you want to add, or completely change the background from a premade background list.

Customize Using Layers

Professional design tools use layers to keep everything in check. We are also making layers options a core feature of Tutor LMS Certificate Builder so you can customize everything at any stage.

How to Get Started with Certificate Builder

First of all, we want to give you the good news that we are making Tutor LMS Certificate Builder free for all our existing Tutor LMS Pro users out there. Once it is released you will be able to download the Tutor LMS Certificate Builder from your Themeum download page.

Where the New Certificate Builder Resides

The installation process is just like any WordPress plugin out there. Just install the plugin from the Add New section of the WordPress dashboard and upload the plugin. Once the installation is done, activate it from the menu options.

Starting Page After Clicking on It

Once you click on the certificate builder you will be prompted by a welcome screen. From here you will be able to choose a template of your choice or if you wish to start from scratch.

In the left section, you will see a whole bunch of categories. These categories summarize all the available certificates fall into. To save time, you can select from the category that goes with the certificate that you are trying to create.

Drag & Drop Certificate Building Experience

Used to no-code drag & drop builders? Then you are gonna love Tutor LMS Certificate Builder. It takes an identical approach to the certificate-building experience. Just drag and drop the elements that you want to use, customize them to what you want, and publish them.

And what you see is what you get for the certificate builder. Below we are going to explain a few key areas that you can customize

You Will Be Able to Use Dynamic Content

Want to show instructor names, student names, course names, grades, and so on your certificates? Worried you need to do all of it manually!?

With Tutor LMS Certificate builder, you won’t need to. All the data will dynamically be added according to the course, the instructor, and the students. Without needing anything on your part, other than just adding the element on your certificate.

Full Freedom to Make It Just the Way You Want

Your imagination is what will drive the creativity of the certificates that you will provide. We didn’t want you to be restricted by anything. And we build a Tutor Certificate Builder with keeping that in mind.

Only you can understand what your LMS platform stands for and make the certificate design flow with that. We are offering a full canvas with the elements that you will need. So you can concentrate on what you want it to look like.

Add Signatures, Verification ID’s and More

Verifications are an essential part of any certificate. Whether you students want to share their achievements on social sites, on their portfolio site, and so on, verification adds authenticity to their claim.

Advanced Control for Each Element

Every element found on the Tutor LMS certificate builder comes with advanced customization controls. 

  • Duplicate: Save time and duplicate an Element.
  • Lock: Avoid accidental mistakes when customizing your certificate.
  • Align
  • Font settings

Adjust Colors to Suit Your Needs

Some elements come with colors. What if you want to change them? Fear not as Tutor LMS Certificate builder comes with in-built controls to color adjustment options. So that you can let your creativity run free.

Play in Layers

Layers make it easy to customize something that is on top of other elements. With Tutor LMS Certificate builder you will be customize everything in layers. All the layers are also searchable so you will never lose track of what you were doing.

Rich Typography Along With 1000+ Google Font

Fan of Fonts? So are we. That’s why we bring 1000+ Google fonts for your Certificate builder. And what’s more, is that you will be able to customize every one of them.

Create Unlimited Certificates

One of the best features of Tutor LMS Certificate builder is that there is no cap on how many certificates one can build for one’s LMS site. So you don’t need to hold back when creating your certificates.

Add The New Certificates To Your Tutor LMS Course

Once you publish the certificate, it’s now ready to be used by your LMS platform instructors. If you have enabled certificates add-on, then instructors will be able to see the newly designed Tutor LMS certificate on their course creation page.

They just need to select it from the available certificates and add it to their course. That’s it. Now the students who complete that course will receive the custom-designed certificate.

Things You Need to Know (F.A.Q)

Before you get started with using the Tutor LMS Certificate Builder, there are a few things you should know.

  • Do you need Tutor LMS Pro?

Ans: You need to own a license for the Tutor LMS Pro. The Certificate Builder plugin is free to use for those who have purchased a valid license of Tutor LMS Pro.

  • I can’t see the Certificate Builder menu even after installing & activating the Tutor LMS Certificate Builder plugin?

Ans: You need to enable the Certificate Add-on from the Add-ons list to see the Certificate Builder menu.

  • Does it come as a separate plugin?

Ans: Yes. This comes as a separate plugin that works on top of Tutor LMS Pro. You can download the certificate builder plugin from your Themeum downloads section. Please note, you need to have a valid license of Tutor LMS Pro.

  • Are all the certificates available without any extra cost?

Ans: No. There is no additional cost for all that you get with Tutor LMS Certificate Builder.

  • Do you have any documentation for this plugin?

Ans: Yes. There is detailed documentation for each section of Tutor LMS Certificate Builder.

Let’s Build Something Amazing

Install the Tutor LMS Certificate Builder to make your LMS site have an upper hand over its competitors. No need to hire someone to customize your Tutor LMS certificates anymore. You can now do it yourself. So that you always get what you want for your certificates.