Find the best host for your WordPress site in 2022

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best WordPress hosting

Choosing a reliable hosting provider should be the paramount consideration for any website owner. A lot of issues directly depend on the hosting provider, especially the security of the site largely depends on it. Having so many hosting providers at your disposal, you are often confused about which one to go for. Here we help you find the best host for your WordPress site(s) in 2022.

Anybody even with a good knowledge of web development can end up choosing an unworthy one as there are luring advertisements because of a large pool of hosting providers in the market.

We’ve come up with the idea to describe five best WordPress hosting providers along with their features so that it can no longer be a conundrum for anybody to choose the best hosting for their sites.

There are some hosting providers with almost similar features serving a huge number of sites successfully. After conducting careful research on the users of different providers, we’ve listed some of the amazing hosting providers in this article. Your dream to choose the best hosting service would most certainly be true if you sit tight and read this post carefully.

What Makes a Hosting Provider the Best?

There are a few things to bear in mind before choosing a hosting provider. You must not go for a provider which lacks any of the following points.

Technical Support

You will run into many issues along the way. If your provider does not have sufficient technical support, you will no longer be able to run your site. It is very important to go for a hosting provider that has awesome technical support for the site owners.


No provider will have 100 percent uptime. But it is required to have the maximum uptime potential for better performance. It would be ok if it has at least 99.99 percent uptime. Even 99 percent means there would be 7 hours and 12 minutes downtime in a month.


A hosting provider would pose a huge security threat to your site even after you have resolved all security issues from a developer’s end. Many sites are vulnerable to hacks because of insecure hosting.

User-friendly Control Panel

A user-friendly control panel is one of the most important things to consider while hosting a site. Check if your control panel has one-click WordPress installation and other useful functionalities. Some of the default settings would save your time and effort.


How fast your site will load significantly depends on the speed of your hosting. Slow websites bother visitors a lot and they are less likely to come back for a second time.

Best Hosting Providers

Considering all of the facts above, we have listed the top five hosting companies that would be extremely helpful to host your site. Every hosting provider has its own advantages besides sharing most of the common features with the rest. We recommend you to pick the right one that suits you best.

WP Engine


WP Engine is one of the most trusted WordPress hosting providers out there. It is best known for its support. WP engine is totally CDN-ready and enables SSL certificate for any site with a couple of clicks. It is automated and has redundant systems for your critical applications. It also has multiple firewalls between your data and threats. WP engine detects malware and eliminates immediately.


Kinsta is one of the fastest growing managed WordPress host on the market. They are exclusively powered by Google Cloud Platform and Google’s global premium tier network. According to an independent hosting performance, benchmark Kinsta proved to be the fastest host on the market four years in a row. All of their plans come with free SSL, free CDN, one-click staging environment, daily auto backups, detailed performance analytics, PHP 7.2 support and built-in caching. They will provide you free white-glove website migrations when you are ready to move. Support is provided by WordPress experts and it is available 24/7/365.


Cloudways is one of the most reliable and powerful managed cloud hosting platforms that ensures optimum performance and is built on top of various caching technologies like Varnish and Redis that are combined to form the Cloudways Stack. It offers managed cloud hosting on 5 different best in class infrastructure providers including the likes of AWS, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud and more.

Also, we’ve partnered with Cloudways to make hosting eLearning sites more interesting. You can now host your eLearning site on Cloudways on 1-click.

Cloudways also comes with an intuitive platform that allows you to manage all your server-side functionalities including backups, server scaling, migration, and SSL installation. You are also in control of your billing with the Pay as You Go feature that allows you to pay only for the number of hours your resources were utilized and not for the entire month. To get acquainted with Cloudways, they offer a 3-day free trial (No credit card required).



SiteGround is one of the best hosting providers for WordPress sites. Along with all necessary features, it comes with one-click WordPress installation, automatic upgrades, built-in WP caching, CDN, and unmatched security. SiteGround is also one of the top-notch hosting providers in the WordPress community. It offers 24/7 support, They have their data centers in three different locations, USA, Europe, and Singapore.



GoDaddy is not only the most popular domain registrar but also a very good hosting provider. It has an excellent customer service team which would put them ahead of most other companies. Those who buy domain names from GoDaddy are most likely to take hosting services from them. It is undoubtedly highly secure hosting to choose.



HostGator is a reliable, easy to use and also a popular hosting provider hosting over 8 million domains. It offers 99.99 percent uptime and 24/7 support. It has advanced security and seamless scalability. In addition to that, it offers an array of useful packages for users. It comes handy for the novice webmasters.



Websites hosted in pressable are automatically optimized for better performance. Pressable updates your WordPress and security for you. It is a kind of hosting platform for WordPress sites that you can trust. Pressable has a wide range of on-call WordPress developers to help you. You do not need to go somewhere else to fix your WordPress issues. Their support team provides round the clock support for any issue you run into. When it comes to WordPress, Pressable is something beyond just a hosting provider.

Hosting is a crucial part of your website as the site runs there and deals with most of the security issues. Your efforts to have a ceaseless functionality of your website would go in vain if you end up choosing an unreliable hosting provider. Secure hosting is the first shield to protect your website from being compromised. So choose it wisely.