Join the Tutor LMS Team on the BuddyBoss Tutor LMS App Integration Webinar

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BuddyBoss Tutor LMS App Webinar

Picture a virtual classroom pulsating with energy! Students are actively exchanging ideas, learning new things, challenging each other, and growing all together! 

Sound like a dream?

Okay, it’s time to turn it into reality! All of these are possible only by adding a missing piece on your eLearning website: Social Learning!

Today, we’re excited to announce that the BuddyBoss and Tutor LMS teams are organizing a FREE webinar where we will introduce the Tutor LMS App. Our experts will guide you through integrating social learning using this app.

Join this free webinar to unveil the process of integrating social learning and make the most out of your eLearning website.

Meet the Speakers

To help you unlock the power of social learning, the Tutor LMS team and BuddyBoss are joining forces for a special webinar. Here are the experts who will be guiding you:

  1. Rayhan Arif: As the AVP Business Development at Ollyo, he will share practical tips for encouraging social interaction and collaboration among your students.
  2. Graham Hoffman: As BuddyBoss’s Managing Director, Graham will share best practices for using the BuddyBoss App to create a thriving learning environment.

Their expertise will guide you in exploring the unlimited possibilities offered by the BuddyBoss and Tutor LMS app.

Webinar Details

Here’s the registration link, date, and time of this free webinar:

🗓️ Date: March 19, 2024 
⏰ Time: 3:00 PM (BST) / 9:00 AM (CST) 
🌐 Registration Link:

Don’t wait! Register and secure your spot NOW!

Webinar Agenda

Here are the topics our experts are going to cover in this webinar:

  • Introducing the BuddyBoss Tutor LMS App
  • Building the native mobile app for your eLearning website
  • Maximizing student’s engagement with social learning
  • Real case study examples and testimonials

Hopefully, you’ll gain valuable insights into the Tutor LMS and BuddyBoss App and unlock some secret strategies to create an engaging eLearning course! 

Join us on March 19th to explore the endless possibilities this Tutor LMS app offers. Don’t miss this opportunity.

See you at the webinar!