Tutor LMS: An Exciting Future Ahead

3 Min Read

As we head into Q2 of 2024, the Tutor LMS team has some exciting updates to share with all our users. We understand that this year has seemed quiet on the updates and fixes end. But we assure you that big things are soon on their way and we hope to exceed your expectations! Let’s take a teaser look into what’s to come for Tutor LMS and where all our time is going. 

Tutor LMS Is Getting an All-New Update

Over the past few months, we have been primarily occupied with creating what we will be calling Tutor LMS v3.0. We are giving Tutor LMS a complete facelift, incorporating features we think are the necessary next step along with features requested by, you, our dear customers. 

While we are not announcing a definitive date for release yet, we ensure that development is near completion and we cannot wait for you to try it out. Tutor LMS 3.0 will be a stride in taking it to the next level. 

The Course Builder Is Being Reimagined

The course builder is being completely reimagined, and the user experience for creating courses has never been better. We have taken into account a lot of feedback on the course creation journey and redesigned it for all our instructors. 

The Backend Course Builder is now completely restructured for better usability and we cannot wait to share the changes with you all. We have segregated the Course Builder into different sections that will flow better for the course creation process. 

Tutor LMS v3.0 Customizations Will Knock Your Socks Off

With all the love and care that is going into the development of this new version, we believe you will be struck with awe once you check it out. 

Tutor LMS v3.0 will introduce never-before-seen customization to your favorite LMS. We want to take you to new heights as you will be able to customize your eLearning site with Droip. Droip has an untapped potential to elevate your eLearning site and now that it will be integrated with Tutor LMS very soon, you can experience the beauty yourself. 

We’re Introducing an All-New Native Payment Support

Another sneak peek into Tutor LMS v3.0 is a brand new native payment support. Integrating popular payment gateways with Tutor LMS ensures secure and convenient transactions for users directly within the platform. This will: 

  • Streamline the checkout process
  • Offer a variety of payment options
  • Automate payment handling
  • Enhance user experience 
  • Provide reliability and support. 

Tutor LMS Will Have a New Home

The team at Themeum has also been working on something else for Tutor LMS. We decided to give Tutor LMS its own identity to the world. 

Coming up soon Tutor LMS will be getting its very own domain with an all-new website! Our developers are working endlessly on it so will be able to purchase, check features, and find all things Tutor LMS in their very own new home. Don’t worry though, all your license data and account information will get a seamless transition over to the new site, along with all the blog posts. You can just enjoy the all-new site without any worry. 

Wrapping Up

We are aware that the lack of recent updates might be concerning for some users but we assure you, this is only the calm before the storm that is Tutor LMS 3.0. Themeum has many different products and is constantly working to be a leader in its craft. But each product has its own goals and with that its separate teams. 

We wanted all our users to get a teaser into what’s coming soon from Tutor LMS and boy oh boy is it exciting. Stay tuned as very soon all the new things will be out for you to try, enjoy, and take your eLearning sites to new heights.