Introducing Charity: New FREE Layout Bundle for WP Page Builder Pro

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Creating websites on WordPress has been easy and time saving with WP Page Builder. This page composer tool gives you unlimited opportunities for building websites with plenty of addons, ready sections, library system, and more. For those of you who don’t want to create web pages from scratch, WP Page Builder gives fully ready layout bundles. You don’t have to compose a webpage from the ground up. Just import the page layouts and you are done. 

If you have been planning to build a donation, charity or a fundraising site, WP Page Builder brings the Charity layout bundle for you. It is the perfect choice for charity firms, NGOs, fundraising bureaus, childcare centers, environmental protection organizations, and all other related social charity websites.

The charity layout bundle has plenty of features regarding charity and donation. Some of the most notable features of Charity are given below.

  • Donation campaigns
  • Volunteers & team members
  • Image gallery
  • Donation statistics and figures
  • Sponsors and patrons showcasing
  • Campaign listing and campaign details
  • 2 campaign detail variations

Charity Layout Bundle Pages

There are 7 different readymade pages inside the Charity layout bundle. You just need to import these layouts and replace the demo content with yours. Let’s take a look at all the pages at a glance.


The homepage of Charity is a reflection of all of the other pages. It has a call to action button in the hero section with a message and an image of the affected people in the background. Showcase stats, video, team members, and gallery on the home page.

Campaign List

Place all of the charity campaigns on a single page with a donation button under each of the campaign thumb. Have a newsletter section and other CTA areas in the campaign listing page.

Campaign Details

Describe campaigns in detail. Display the asking and raised amounts of fund. Place a CTA button and showcase mission and other related information in the campaign detail page. There are 2 different campaign detail page variations in the Charity layout bundle.

Campaign Details – i

Campaign Details – ii

Display images of the affected people and their reaction after being taken care of. Show the happy faces of the people the charity initiative/firm has worked for.


The About page of Charity lets you place a video and show the mission & vision of the charity initiative in a nicely designed accordion section. Showcase what the charity initiative does, have stats and figures, and place a member testimonial asking people to be a part.


Want to display the physical address, email address, phone number, and a contact form on the charity site? This page is exactly for that!

How to Access Charity Layout Bundle

You can only get this layout bundle if you have WP Page Builder Pro. The Charity layout bundle has already been added to the existing list. Update the plugin to its latest version. Access Charity layout bundle just like the way you access other WP Page Builder Pro layout bundles. Create a page and start editing that with WP Page Builder. Click Layouts on the left bar or in the middle of the page. Search Charity by writing “charity” in the search bar. Click on Charity then import one by one each time on a new page.

So, creating a charity website is now very easy. WP Page Builder’s Charity layout bundle gives some amazing designs with which anyone can showcase charity causes and raise funds. Since it requires the Pro version to access this layout bundle, you have to have WP Page Builder Pro in the first place. Good luck.