How to Choose a Domain Name for your Website

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A domain name is the first thing to come when you think about launching a website. It is like a nameplate of your house by which people find your whereabouts. The domain name is something people come across before even dealing with you. A beautiful domain name is the first impression to your visitors. It helps you maximize the number of visitors to your site. Domain name works like a brand.

There is a competition in the market to buy a brandable domain name and that narrows your chances of buying your favorite one. There are certain things to consider before you buy a domain name and there are some steps to follow. I will cover some of the most important things which we all should consider while buying a domain name.

Domain Name Comes as a Brand

Your domain name should be brandable. This is the first thing people see and this is what people type to get into your site. You better choose a name that is clearly understandable to most of your visitors. If your domain name can represent what your site is about then half of the marketing is done. Choosing a brandable name over generic helps you reach the most number of visitors. 

Remember! Your domain name is more important than your domain extension. If you are confused about which extensions to choose, read an article on the difference between .com and .net.

Be Precise

Remember this is something people type to get in. so a long name would be boring to the visitors to type and maximize their chances to type incorrectly. This might lead them to some of the similar sites though they wanted to come to your site in the first place. Being precise is so precious in choosing a domain name.

Be an Early Bird

Since there are millions of people out there to buy domain names so there is stiff competition in choosing good domain names. It is better to buy a domain name immediately after you decide to build a site. If late, your selected domain may not be available. Though you do not know whether it is still available when you are thinking about it.

Easy to Type & Pronounce

If not easy, it is not going to be brandable at all. People do not have much time to type a long name. A difficult name narrows the chances of revisiting the website for the visitors despite having very useful content in it. Choose a name that is easy to pronounce and type.

Domain name generators can also help you get some creative domain names. You can try the domain name generator by IsItWP here:

Avoid Hyphens

Avoid using hyphens in the domain name. A hyphen in the name sometimes plays hell with your visitors. Visitors are very prone to typos and lead them to your competitor’s sites. Domain names without hyphens are much easier to be typed then the domain names with hyphens.

The importance of a beautiful domain name is easily understood when we take a look at the popular brands that reign in the market. If name covers the aspects of the website, it does not take long to make it popular. So choose your domain name properly.

How to Register a Domain Name

It is not like you are thinking about a particular domain name and it becomes yours. You must register your domain name somewhere in order to be eligible to use it. Registering a domain name requires a certain amount of fees upon the availability of that name. For a ceaseless service, you have to pay the same amount every year to renew that name.

We often make mistake relying on our hosting company in registering a domain name. In some cases, hosting provider may not provide the full ownership of the domain name rather demand a staggering extra fee while renewing the name. Registering a domain name all by yourself is definitely the best way.

Domain registration follows just three simple steps

  1. Search your domain name to check the availability
  2. Create an account giving all necessary information
  3. Pay the fees

Now the domain is all yours

But it is sometimes confusing which domain registration company to choose from. We recommend you to choose any of the following domain registrars.



Namecheap provides one of the best all-round customer experience.They register, host and maintain domains for you. It runs at $10.69/yr for .com domains. They have very good suggestion engine and very straightforward checkout system. Most importantly their chat support is super fast.



Undoubtedly Godaddy is one of the most popular domain registration companies in the world. They offer some of the best deals with comprehensive pricing. They have over 13 million happy customers and 62 million domains under management. GoDaddy is considered to be one of the cheapest domain registrars in the world right now. GoDaddy also offers private registration and domain certification during the checkout process. The company provides domain brokering services as well, and it offers premium domain names for their clientele.

name is an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar. In addition to great pricing and a commitment to world-class customer service, they provide some other web services. Name’s goal is to reach the customer by offering the robust domain and renewal services as well. Therefore, can be a right choice for the domain name seeker.

1&1 Internet


Presumably,1&1 Internet is the world’s fastest growing web hosting provider, currently serving over 10 million customers with reliable web hosting and domain registration services. 1&1 offers some of the best deals in the industry, mostly because of their leverage as one of the largest providers in the game. Like all other, they also provide domain names with different suffixes with different charges.

Domain name carries a great deal of value to your website. A brandable domain name is the first thing to consider if you think about building a popular site. Your site’s future maintenance and the costing depends on the provider from which you have bought the domain name. If you have gone through this article, hopefully, you are not far from choosing the best domain name and services for your dream site.