Meet Minimal Agency: A FREE & Awesomely Designed Starter Pack of Qubely Pro

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A website can be the most powerful tool for any agency business. It is not only needed to showcase your portfolio but to build trust among your potential clients too. Whereas a well-developed website can shower you with lots of clients, a poorly designed one can throw you out of the competition.

As everything is getting challenging and buyers prefer to choose an online solution, you must bring special focus to your website.

If you are not getting enough exposure to your agency business or striving to create a competitive position then you are in the right place.

Today we are presenting, “Minimal Agency” a clean and easy-to-customize starter pack for all advertisement, design, creative, social media & digital marketing agencies. 

So, all the folks out there who want to level up their position in the agency business, let’s dig inside the article below.

Highlighted Features of Minimal Agency Starter Pack

Only having a website showcasing the business services is of no use these days. You must bring attention to its appearance, responsiveness, and other marketing approaches to ensure the best experience for your users. Considering the selling factors, we’ve crafted this starter pack in a manner so your website gets a greater engagement with increased traffic. 

So, without further ado let’s explore what, “Minimal Agency” starter pack is featured with.

  • Visually appealing design 
  • Interactive introduction of team members
  • Multiple CTA buttons
  • Fascinating testimonials
  • Nice presentation of the work detail section
  • Simple yet effective contact us button

Pages Inside Minimal Agency Starter Pack

Who doesn’t want to create a lasting impression of themselves? Especially for an agency website, it is uttermost important to create a good impact on their work. If you too fall into this category then the Minimal Agency starter pack will exceed your expectations. Here we’ve portrayed every page in such a manner which will be impossible for your website visitors to abandon.

Let’s dig inside to see what Minimal Agency Starter Pack has to offer for you:

Now let’s walk through the pages below:


Home is the page where your potential clients will get an overall idea about your business. Also, this is the section that can create a precious first impression for your website visitors. Here we’ve featured a CTA button with a short brief, multiple information sections including image showcases, information architecture, FAQ, and a subscription button. You can rest assured that your users will get detailed information while having a stunning visual view.

About Us

Having a banner image, short brief, video, highlighted services, gallery, achievements, beautiful testimonial carousel, FAQ, and Contact Us section, this page is perfect to showcase your reputation worldwide.

Work Details

Showcase your different projects, notable works with images, unique testimonial, FAQ, your company story so your audience or potential clients to get a realistic concept about the quality of your work. 


Let your team get introduced to the world with an untold convincing approach. Having a top display section, team introduction with pictures, awards & achievements, and contact us button- this page is all set to level up your game.

Contact Us

Give your users a smooth yet comfortable experience while reaching to you. Featuring a simple design, a header text section with image, smart contact us form, and social media accounts with redirect link option, this contact us page will provide complete information to reach you.

How to Access Minimal Agency Starter Pack

To get access to this starter pack you must install and activate the latest Qubely Pro first. Next, go to the dashboard section of your WordPress site and from the page option, select add new. Then, click “Import Layout” at the top of the page. Now, search for the new Minimal Agency starter pack and click “Import” for the target page. Do this for every page you want. You are then all set to customize your website.

Wrapping Up

Just like any of our products, “Minimal Agency” is also the outcome of our extensive research and hard work. We’ve crafted this in such a manner so that you can gain a competitive edge over other agencies. So, everyone out there wishing to build a website in return with a great conversion rate should definitely give it a try to see the difference by themselves. 

Good Luck!