How to show estimated reading time on WordPress blog posts like Medium?

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show estimated reading time

There’s plenty of ways you can make your blog more attractive to your visitors. You can make it more navigable with different categories. Use great-looking themes for more attention, and a lot of other things. There’s a way you can show estimated reading time of each blog post just below each of the blog post titles. It is like telling your readers about the length of the blog post before they even go to the details. Having such a feature on your blog is very simple. We’ll show you how you can do this at the easiest effort.

Show estimated reading time on blog posts

Just like adding many other features to WordPress sites, it requires a plugin to do this. Yes. Out of many such plugins on WordPress plugin directory, we’ve chosen Reading Time WP, the best plugin to show estimated reading time on each of your blog posts. It is just about installing the plugin and customizing what to show.

Step 1. Go to your WordPress site dashboard and click on Plugins > Add New. Search reading time WP plugin there and click on install just like the image below.

show estimated reading time

Step 2. Click on Activate plugin which comes right on the next page.

show estimated reading time

Personalizing Reading Time WP plugin

Once you have activated the plugin, you are done with the process. But you can do more. Now you can personalize Reading Time WP plugin to show estimated reading time as the way you like. You can change the text in the respective fields, set the number of the text per minute, decide where to show the estimated reading time. And many more.

show estimated reading timeDon’t forget to click on the Update Options button once your required personalization is done.

Having such a feature on your blog will build trust among the visitors. It will help them figure out whether they have time to read the blog post. Your chance of losing a visitor in the middle of an article will be low. So, have this feature on your WordPress blog site and satisfy your visitors. Click here to download the best WordPress blog theme.