Themeum Officially Acquires The Kirki Customizer Framework WordPress Plugin 

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Themeum has officially acquired the Kirki Customizer Framework boasting an impressive user base of 600,000 active users! This marks a new chapter for Themeum as we believe the combination of Kirki’s potential and Themeum’s expertise creates a nice opportunity for growth and innovation. 

As an integral part of our journey, we believe in keeping you informed every step of the way. So let’s delve into the reasons behind the acquisition, what it means for existing Kirki users, our plan, and more.

What is Kirki

Kirki is a widely recognized WordPress plugin that allows you to add custom controls to the theme customizer. By simplifying the implementation of custom controls, Kirki empowers theme developers to build themes quicker & more easily. 

With its intuitive UI and comprehensive features, Kirki has become a go-to tool for developers looking to enhance the flexibility and control of their WordPress themes. 

Why We Acquired Kirki

We have long admired how Kirki simplifies the process for developers to incorporate various options into the theme customizer. Kirki’s product vision perfectly aligns with our commitment to enhancing the WordPress user experience. 

With our wealth of experience in the WordPress community, we are certain that we can advance Kirki and make it an even better tool for theme developers.

What it Means for Existing Kirki Users

Existing Kirki users can expect a more professional and dedicated approach to product maintenance. 

Our skilled team, equipped with expertise and years of experience, will ensure that Kirki receives the attention it deserves, fostering growth and continuous improvement.

Premium Users Also Remain in Good Hands

Kirki premium users also have nothing to worry about! They can be rest assured that they will continue to enjoy the benefits and features they have come to rely on. 

Themeum plans to maintain seamless access to the premium version and the user experience is unlikely to undergo any significant changes.

A Shared Vision for the Future

Our admiration for Kirki is grounded in our previous experience in creating a similar product on another platform. Drawing from our knowledge and skills, we have a clear vision for the future of Kirki. 

Our initial objective is to consistently introduce new features that empower developers to do more with Kirki, making it easier for them to add customization options to their WordPress themes. With this improvement, developers will find it easier than ever to create unique and tailored WordPress websites.

Pricing Adjustments and Benefits

At Themeum, our goal is to provide tools that deliver exceptional value while remaining cost-effective.

As part of our commitment to benefiting both existing and future customers, we are considering making certain adjustments to the pricing or business model of Kirki. 

We understand the importance of affordability and accessibility, and there is a possibility of substantial price reductions, making the premium version of Kirki even more accessible to users. 

Integration Possibilities with Themeum’s Product Lineup

Kirki’s powerful customization capabilities align perfectly with our product lineup. While we currently do not develop block-based themes, we recognize the immense potential of integrating Kirki with our existing themes. This integration will provide users with unparalleled flexibility and control over their WordPress websites, ensuring an exceptional customization experience.

But for now, our initial focus will be on enhancing the plugin and consistently introducing new features that empower developers to do more with Kirki.

Wrapping Up!

We’re happy to welcome Kirki to the Themeum family. The acquisition will hopefully open up new possibilities and benefit the entire WordPress community. 

We are dedicated to making Kirki an even more effective and convenient tool for developers. Stay tuned for the exciting developments ahead!