Tutor LMS v1.6.7 Brings Better Content Control, Translation Fixes, and Other Enhancements

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Hello Tutor LMS users. We hope you’re having a great day so far! To make this day even better, we are releasing an update for your favorite eLearning plugin Tutor LMS, to version 1.6.7. 

This update brings several fixes and improved features to Tutor LMS that will enhance the user experience further.

Tutor LMS v1.6.7 Changelog

  • Update: Admins/instructors can view their course content from the front-end
  • Update: Add dynamic template support for Course Prerequisites
  • Update: Add action hook “tutor_after_review_update” in Ajax class
  • Fix: Enrollment issue while updating EDD payment status
  • Fix: Enrollment issue in WooCommerce manual order
  • Fix: Certificate translation issue
  • Fix: Login redirect issue

Better Control for Admins and Instructors

Tutor LMS v1.6.7

Previously, if admins or instructors wanted to view the contents of a course that they created, they would have to enroll in that course. This was a redundant step that we have fixed by adding direct access for site admins and the instructors who created this course. 

The admin and instructors can also view Course Page, Q&A, and Announcement tabs at the very bottom of the course page as well.

Certificate Translation Issue Fixed

We’ve fixed some issues with Tutor LMS certificate translations as well. If your certificate requires a different font to translate from a different language, you can use the Certificate Customizer extension. However, you must update your pdf.css file to include those specific fonts. If you update the CSS file accordingly, you will not face any problems and will be able to change the language of your certificates.

You can find the pdf.css file in this folder of WordPress 


For more details on this, please visit our documentation on Certificate Customizer here.

Other Miscellaneous Fixes

We’ve fixed redirect issues when a user logs in from different pages. We also reworked the enrolment issue when the site admin uses EDD as the payment plugin. We have ironed out some kinks with WooCommerce’s manual order features.

Wrapping Up

Our focus with Tutor LMS is to create a platform that anyone will be able to use. From single instructor sites, to an eLearning marketplace, to massive educational institutions have to be accommodated in this plugin. To that end, we believe this update will get us closer to that accomplishment.

So, if you’ve got any kinds of suggestions or features that may help both you and us, do let us know and we’ll definitely be looking forward to them! 

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