Tutor LMS V2.0 Beta 3 Update Brings a Number of Fixes

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Tutor LMS v2.0 beta 3 update

We are already on the third update for the Beta version of Tutor LMS 2.0! Today, we are beyond excited to roll out a new beta version of your favorite WordPress learning management system plugin.

⚠️ DO NOT USE it on your live site. Tutor LMS 2.0 beta is an experimental release and is not ready for live sites. . Also note, No Support will be given for Beta releases.

This time we are bumping the beta version to Beta 3 for both beta versions of Tutor LMS (free & pro). For your convenience here is the full change-log for you to take a look at.

Tutor LMS 2.0.0 Beta 3 Change-log

  • Fix: Email notification error generating from tutor login modal
  • Fix: Bulk delete option for quiz attempt not working
  • Fix: Zoom & Announcement showing wrong time stamp
  • Fix: Minimal GradeBook percentage was showing the wrong calculations
  • Fix: The users were unable to switch the Q&A tab
  • Fix: Quiz Export button was not showing up
  • Fix: Quiz attempt table matching data was showing wrong information
  • Fix: Pagination issues on the dashboard withdrawal tab
  • Fix: Second Zoom live lesson not working properly
  • Fix: Download certificate button issue without course completion

Below you will find the latest beta builds and the issue submission form for the beta testing.

Download the Updated Beta Versions

We have fixed multiple bugs that you reported as well as from our testing with the latest update. Please keep reporting issues that you find with us using the “Submit an Issue” form.

⚠️ Automatic updates are not available for beta versions. To get the latest beta builds for both the free & pro version, you will need to manually download & install them on your staging site. Learn more from here.

You can download the latest beta builds from the following links. If you want to download the free version click on the link below.

Or, if you are a Tutor LMS pro user and want to try out the Tutor LMS Pro v2.0 Beta, then click below.

⚠️ Please keep in mind that you need to own a valid Tutor LMS pro license to have access to the Tutor LMS v2.0 (Pro) beta version.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments. And remember this is not a stable release. This beta version is only intended to be used in a staging environment.

Upgrade Today to Get all the Fixes

We have fixed multiple issues that you reported. No matter how much we appreciate it, it will never be enough to show the gratitude you deserve for loving Tutor LMS and test it even in its beta version to make everything work smoothly.

Thank you and happy testing.