Tutor LMS 2.0 RC is Now Publicly Available: Getting Closer to The Final Release

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Tutor LMS 2.0 RC: Getting ready for the final release

Tutor LMS 2.0 started strong and paved the way for redefining LMS in WordPress. We’re truly overwhelmed by the love and support you’ve showered Tutor LMS with on its journey to 2.0. And today, we’re delighted to announce that we are another step closer to the stable release as Tutor LMS 2.0 RC is all set to roll out with improved features, multiple fixes, and more. 

⚠️ DO NOT USE it on your live site. Tutor LMS 2.0 RC is an experimental release and is not ready for live sites. . Also note, No Support will be given for RC releases.

We’re working really hard and reading every feedback to make Tutor LMS 2.0 more perfect and stable. Meanwhile, feel free to experiment with the release on a staging site and let us know you like it so far. 

Time to find out what today’s release has in store for you.  

Tutor LMS 2.0.0 RC Change-log

  • New: Go to the previous/next lesson with the left/right navigation button
  • New: Add a Load More button for a list of submitted reviews
  • Update: The grace period is now removed from the setting as it was redundant
  • Update: Setup wizard skip option now redirects to courses page
  • Update: Introducing WP 5.9 Compatibility for Tutor LMS 2.0
  • Update: Introducing WPML Compatibility for Tutor LMS 2.0
  • Update: PHP-8 compatibility for Tutor LMS 2.0
  • Fix: My Course section pagination issue in the Dashboard
  • Fix: Blocked instructors were appearing as new Instructor in the Report Overview
  • Fix: Quiz attempts remained in review and no result was showing Pending
  • Fix: Course was accessible after expiration (Paid Membership Pro)
  • Fix: Quiz Abandon modal wasn’t appearing in On-page Navigation when clicking on any link
  • Fix: Quiz Reattempt button was not appearing upon timeout if Grace Period is enabled
  • Fix: Pagination issue on Courses page (Course Archive page)
  • Fix: Improved design of course details page
  • Fix: Improved design of dashboard course listing page
  • Fix: Missing icon fonts and font conflicts for multiple places
  • Fix: Enabled course as Public was not showing Start button
  • Fix: Hiding quiz time was not working properly
  • Fix: Hiding quiz question number was not working properly

Below you will find the latest RC build and the issue submission form for the RC testing. And let’s also take a look at some new things with the latest RC.

With Tutor LMS’s spotlight mode, you can draw attention to a specific lesson page for uninterrupted learning. In this RC release, we have added Back and Forward navigation through which you can easily navigate from one lesson to another. 

Restructured Monetization Settings

Tutor LMS is loved by all for its easy monetization setup and earnings management system. 

Tutor LMS 2.0 RC

In this update, we have removed the extra step to Enable Monetization and made the process even simpler.

If you have an eCommerce engine installed and set up, simply choose it from the drop-down menu. Otherwise, monetization is disabled by default. 

Download the Updated RC Version

We have fixed multiple bugs that you reported as well as from our testing with the latest update. Please keep reporting issues that you find with us using the “Submit an Issue” form.

⚠️ Automatic updates are not available for RC versions. To get the latest RC build for both the free & pro version, you will need to manually download & install them on your staging site. Learn more from here.

You can download the latest RC build from the following links. If you want to download the free version click on the link below.

Or, if you are a Tutor LMS pro user and want to try out the Tutor LMS Pro v2.0 RC, then click below.

⚠️ Please keep in mind that you need to own a valid Tutor LMS pro license to have access to the Tutor LMS v2.0 (Pro) RC version.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments. And remember this is not a stable release. This Release Candidate version is only intended to be used in a staging environment.

Tutor LMS 2.0 Stable Version Release Date

We know you all have been waiting for the stable release of Tutor LMS 2.0. We are inching closer to that. You would be happy to know that we will release your desired Tutor LMS 2.0 stable version on 15th March 2022.

Time to Try!

With the release of RC, we are only an update away from the stable release! Excited? So are we! Excited is an understatement when I say Tutor LMS 2.0 will be soon up for grabs!

We’re truly grateful for making the Tutor LMS 2.0 journey an incredible one with your immense support and valuable feedback! Keep your eyes on our blog and our newsletters for further updates.

Happy testing!