Tutor Starter v1.1.2 and Tutor Mate 1.0.4 Updated With Various Fixes

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Tutor Starter v.1.1.1

Ciao to all Tutor Starter users! As the title suggests, today we are bringing you another Tutor Starter update. Having a reliable LMS theme is a significant step towards running a successful eLearning site which is why we are working towards improving Tutor Starter to be of better use both visually and functionally to our users. 

This new version of Tutor Starter will include several design improvements, demo content fixes, and more. Not only that, but we have also updated its companion plugin, Tutor Mate to make the process of importing demo content faster and smarter.

Take a look at the changelog of Tutor Starter  v1.1.2 and Tutor Mate v1.0.4 to know about what new changes have been made:

Tutor Starter v1.1.2 changelog:

  • Fix: While creating a new course the error message “Access Denied” is displayed
  • Fix: On the Single Course page, the “Enroll Now” button did not appear in some cases
  • Fix: On the Course List page, the “Enrol Now” and “Add to Cart” buttons did not appear in some cases
  • Fix: In the University Layout, the Page Width was incorrect
  • Fix: Tutor Starter Menu was not translatable

Tutor Mate v1.0.4 changelog:

  • Update: Demo Data import is now much faster
  • Fix: Demo Data was imported with incomplete content

Notable Fixes in Tutor Starter

The sometimes missing “Enroll Now” button on the Single Course page has been resolved. Similarly, the occasionally missing “Enroll Now” and “Add to Cart” button on the Course List Page has also been dealt with. Additionally, the “Access Denied” error message that used to appear while creating a course has also been resolved.

Notable Changes in Tutor Mate

Say goodbye to waiting as Tutor Mate has been improved to be smarter and faster while importing demo content into your site! Get your site up and running in no time at all, complete with demo content to make its setup and testing easier than ever before.

As these are just some notable mentions, don’t forget to go through the changelog for the full list of changes.

Experience These Updates Now

You should receive the notification for Tutor Starter v1.1.2 and Tutor Mate v1.0.4 any time now so without further ado, grab them both to experience the new changes for yourself! And don’t forget to let us know how you liked these changes or your suggestions in the comments below.