Update: WP Crowdfunding v1.8.8 Gets WPML Support, Better Time Counter & More

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WP Crowdfunding has become one of the most popular ways to raise funds in the recent days. Making the platforms that offer this opportunity the center of attention. WP Crowdfunding is helping create such numerous fundraising platforms. To make the WordPress crowdfunding sites even more powerful, we have introduced a few major features in today’s update.

Let’s have a peek at the full changelog of WP Crowdfunding v1.8.8 before we go into details.

  • New: WPML support added
  • Update: Day to go conditions
  • Fixed: Translation issues
  • Fixed: Grammatical issues
  • Fixed: Search shortcode issue
  • Fixed: Empty image problem in profile
  • Fixed: Non-crowdfunding product coupon problem
  • Fixed: User profile issue
  • Fixed: Days counter issue

WPML Support Added

WPML is one of the most popular multilingual WordPress plugins and we all know its importance. The experience of using a website of your native language is indescribable. Lots of WP Crowdfunding users have been asking for WPML support for a long time. Today, the wait is over. We’ve added WPML support to WP Crowdfunding so that now you can add crowdfunding campaigns in multiple languages.   

Day to Go & Time Counter Improved

There have been some minor issues with the ‘day to go’ condition in WP Crowdfunding that caused some unexpected errors in campaign launch date preview, reward hover text etc. We’ve fixed all relevant conditions so that now you will see the correct time-preview/data for events like the days to go before a campaign being launched, the hover-text for a reward item while the campaign is completed etc.

Besides the ‘day to go’ conditions improvement, we’ve fixed some issues that caused incorrect day/time counts for a campaign to be finished/ended. That means, now your visitors get a more appropriate time estimation on how many days they have to back the campaign before it closes.

Tweaks and Fixes  

We’ve not only added the long-awaited WPML support & updated the day to go conditions, several other known issues have been addressed as well. Translation strings in WP Crowdfunding have been enhanced to show the correct language strings accordingly. Texts inside the plugin have also been improved. The Search shortcode now shows items according to the WooCommerce settings for search visibility.

Moreover, coupons can now be used in non-crowdfunding products. Plus, we’ve fixed user profile image display problem and strengthened the user profile security for the most convenient fundraising experience.

Wrapping Up

Today’s update contains the most requested additions from our users. We would encourage you to keep sending us more suggestions so that we can provide what you need the most. Your goal is to make your platform effective and our goal is to make that happen. So, don’t hesitate to put your suggestion in the comments below.

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