BlogVault WordPress Backup Service Review

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Imagine if your fully operational WordPress website were to crash suddenly, just when it was gaining popularity, or just before a sale – it would be nothing less than a nightmare for you, wouldn’t it?

We understand how devastated you would feel if something like this were ever to happen to your site. Crashing of a website when one’s work is near completion or already completed, and losing all settings and data can be really painful to deal with.

Sometimes, even minor things like adding a new plugin or changing your website’s theme can result in your site to crash. Also, apart from these, there other major reasons like changing core files or implementing a hack that can cause you to lose all your site’s content.

Hence, having a backup of your WordPress website becomes crucial for the recovery of lost data in the case that your site crashes, gets hacked or so. BlogVault offers a top-notch backup service that will help you to backup, migrate, download or restore your WordPress sites.

How to Get Started?

Website-dashboard of BlogVault

BlogVault aims at providing a simple, safe and efficient backup service for WordPress sites. The entire process of creating a backup of your WordPress website is swift and simple, and can be done easily by adding the BlogVault plugin to your WordPress site.

Once you create an account with BlogVault, you have the option of adding the plugin to your site either manually or automatically. Once the plug-in is added, immediate backup is done for your entire website, including its database, and the backup is then updated regularly every 24 hours. The BlogVault dashboard is user-friendly and can be easily operated by even a layman.

Test-Restore with BlogVault

test restore

BlogVault has this unique and amazing feature called ‘Test-Restore’, which lets you validate a backup version before you go live with that version. Here, you can choose a backup version, restore it temporarily on BlogVault’s test servers and see how it looks before deploying it on your main servers. This feature is easy to implement, and since it saves a lot of time, cost and efforts, the same can be invested elsewhere in order to increase productivity.

Other Features from BlogVault


  • History: The History page of BlogVault displays an entire list of the 30 most recent backup versions of your website. This page also displays some other information like a list of plugins, and the number of pages, posts, tables and files. Apart from this, it also highlights the changes made in the backup versions, making it easy to locate updates made on specific dates.
  • Auto-Restore: This feature helps you to restore a previously stored backup version of your website in cases of non-recoverable failures and site crashes. Auto-Restore is intuitive and user-friendly. It automatically restores a backup of your website to your main server with little manual intervention unlike most other restoration processes, where you’ll need to manually upload files using FTP and import database information. It is, without any doubt, BlogVault’s star feature.
  • Migrate-Site: The Migrate-Site feature of BlogVault enables you to move your site to a new domain or web host smoothly, without any flaws. The migration process is simple, easy and hassle-free with BlogVault.
  • Backup Now: In case you make any major changes to your website, you can use this feature of BlogVault to force start a backup, without having to wait for the scheduled backup process to happen.
  • Download Backup: A copy of your website backup can be easily downloaded, if and when required, using this feature.

More about BlogVault

  1. Incremental Backup

BlogVault generates a complete backup of your WordPress site the first time round and from then onwards, each time it creates a backup, it only updates the backup by adding new data and the changes made to existing data instead of generating entire backups every time. As it only increments the existing backup, it saves time and space on servers. Other run-of-the-mill backup services generate full backups every time they generate one, thereby piling huge amounts of data on the servers.

  1. Multisite Backup

BlogVault offers you the convenience of multisite backups, unlike some services which offer only a single site backup. The backup is offered for your entire network of WordPress websites, making it convenient to view and manage backups of multiple sites using a single BlogVault dashboard.

  1. Technical Support

The technical support team at BlogVault is always ready to help you with any issues you face while using any of the features offered by BlogVault. The staff offers support via phone, chat and email. Users can easily contact the support team by clicking on the chat option provided in the dashboard. The support team is friendly and has more than sufficient expertise in resolving BlogVault related issues.

  1. Security

BlogVault ensures that your website backup is secure by storing multiple copies of your backup on their own servers and also a copy on Amazon S3 servers. All your WordPress backups are encrypted and stored, and hence are a 100% safe. Additionally, you can also choose to upload your website backup to your Dropbox account.


BlogVault offers three different plans – basic, plus, and pro. These will help you to match the backup needs of small, medium and large companies.

  • The Basic plan costs $89 per year;
  • The Plus plan costs $149 per year;
  • The Pro plan costs $299 per year.
BlogVault price

Additionally, BlogVault offers custom pricing to meet your specific needs. Visit the BlogVault pricing page to get a clear insight of the various pricing plan of BlogVault.


BlogVault offers top-notch backup services for WordPress sites at affordable rates. No technical knowledge is required to manage the plugin for migrating or restoring the backup. The highly experienced technical support team with expertise in the subject offers solutions for backup related issues, if any, when using BlogVault. With automatic restoration process, deploying backup to the server can be carried out in just a few clicks. In other words, BlogVault is economical, easy to use and a secure way of saving and storing the entire data of WordPress sites.