How we loaded a crowdfunding site in less than a second

For starters, crowdfunding is a way of funding a venture or a project by raising money from people in small amounts over the internet. This collected money is then used for the development or enhancement of the project. Crowdfunding sites are a bit different than other websites as they contain detailed information about the project and display the amount collected for each project.

Themes are essential as they give the desired look and feel to WordPress site. Thousands of themes have been developed and are used to serve some purpose. Majority of the themes developed are generic and multipurpose while some are developed to serve a certain type of niche. Today we will be discussing such a theme which is developed to serve crowdfunding purpose.

So how this theme helps the cause? That’s exactly why we are here today to understand and to explore the features of Backer Crowdfunding Theme.  Being powered by one of the most popular crowdfunding plugins, Backer has everything you need to run a successful fundraising website.

Why Use Cloudways?

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform renowned for its performance and uninterrupted service. Its stack is equipped with powerful caching tools like Redis, Varnish, and Nginx which contribute to an exponential increase in speed and performance.

There are plenty of reasons to choose Cloudways as a cloud hosting platform. Let’s have  a look at some of the most important ones below:

  • Team Collaboration
  • 1-Click CDN Integration
  • Free Staging Areas
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Unlimited Applications
  • Server Monitoring
  • Server Scalability

Cloudways also takes care of all the complex server related tasks leaving the people focused on raising funds and doing things profitable for their cause. Sites hosted on cloud servers have better security and performance as it is hosted on a network of servers and in case of any potential attack, it is migrated to another virtual machine.

WordPress Installation

Sign in to Cloudways Platform and go to your desired server. Click on Applications and Add a new WordPress application.

install WordPress crowdfunding theme

Once the application is created, Go to Application dashboard and under Access Details, access the WordPress Admin.

install WordPress crowdfunding theme

Theme Installation

Crowdfunding theme can be installed using both WordPress installer and FTP. Go to WordPress Dashboard → Themes → Add New. Click on Upload Theme from the top menu and upload zipped theme folder. Once the theme is installed, activate it and install required plugins.

Note: In case you encounter memory limitations; please increase the limit by going Settings and Packages inside server dashboard.

install WordPress crowdfunding themeBy default theme needs you to install plugins needed for styling, contact forms, WooCommerce, and crowdfunding functionalities.

Select all and install all the plugins you see on the list. It is important to install these plugins as they come in handy later in modifying the website.

Install WordPress crowdfunding theme

Once installed, go back and activate them all.

Install WordPress crowdfunding theme

We are all set with theme installation and configuration. Let’s begin exploring the theme by looking at various features it offers.

After activating the plugins you can see additional options are being added to the side menu. These options can be used to create contact forms, set up WooCommerce and to add products. As crowdfunding is done to raise money for products and services; this feature can come in handy.

Install WordPress crowdfunding theme

Installing Demo

Installing demo content to WordPress theme gives a starting point and also highlight the key features theme has to offer. Adding demo to Backer Crowdfunding Theme is very easy.

From the One Click Demo Install button present in the side menu, click on Import Demo button to initiate the importing process.

Install WordPress crowdfunding theme

It will take a few minutes to add all the demo content. Once the process is finished the site will be populated with dummy content and will look something like this:

Install WordPress crowdfunding theme

WP Crowdfunding Pro

WP Crowdfunding is one of the best WordPress fundraising plugin with features like project submission form, project’s start and end date, defining funding goal and reward system, etc. Pro version of this plugin is given free with Backer Crowdfunding Theme which gives the user the ability to integrate countless crowdfunding-related features.

Features like Crowdfunding Grid can be added using the page builder.

Install WordPress crowdfunding theme

WPML and Google Fonts

Theme has built-in support for WPML which gives your site the capability to run in multiple languages. WPML is a power WordPress tool and is useful when running a site in various regions worldwide. This plugin also let the user add their own translations depending on the requirements.

Besides WPML, the theme also supports Google Fonts. Google Fonts let you choose from hundreds of fonts offered by Google that can enhance readability and user experience.

MailChimp and Contact Form 7 Support

In crowdfunding having a sophisticated contact method is necessary as people need to make contact in order to get their queries answered about the project. To accommodate this, Backer Crowdfunding theme has built-in support of Contact Form 7 which an amazing WordPress form plugin. Users can add these forms using shortcodes throughout their site.

MailChimp is an excellent service for email subscriptions and this theme have a built-in support. You only have to create an account on MailChimp’s site and link your site through its API.

Theme Performance on Cloudways

Let’s test out theme and see how well it performs on Cloudways.

Server: Linode 1GB

Caching Plugin: Breeze

Install WordPress crowdfunding theme

Click here to see the test result.

Final Thoughts!

In the tutorial above, we launched Backer Crowdfunding theme on Cloudways and explored how easy is it to set up a crowdfunding site. Cloudways made the initial WordPress setup easy and with its powerful stack the site loaded pretty fast with all its demo content.

Crowdfunding theme is equipped with all the resources one might need in developing a crowdfunding site. It is 100% responsive and have active maps support along with expert support in case you encounter any issues.

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