Qubely Update: Alignment Options for all Blocks with Improved Interactions & More

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We are dedicated to bringing you the latest Gutenberg editor experience with each Qubely release. Following that way, we bring you the latest iteration of your favorite WordPress Gutenberg plugin Qubely. Recently we’ve updated Qubely- both the free and Pro versions.

Below you will find the changelogs for both the free and premium versions of Qubely. 

Qubely v1.0.5 Pro Changelog

  1. New: Full width, wide width alignment options for all Qubely blocks
  2. Update: Navigation icons in all carousel blocks
  3. Update: Improvement in interactions

Qubely v1.2.6 Free Changelog

  1. New: Full width, wide width alignment options for all Qubely blocks
  2. Update: Improvement in interactions
  3. Fix: Team block – Social icons hover issue

Alignment Setting Options for all Qubely Blocks

With the latest Qubely release, now you can set any Qubley block with three different width properties. You can find this new setting for all the pro and free blocks.

These are the following three different alignment options you can choose from.

  • Align center: You can align the content of the block to center
  • Wide width: Sets the width as wide as the block itself
  • Full width: Use this option if you want the content to full width

Below you will see a short demo, on how the alignment options for each & every block work now. Hover over the block, you want to change the alignment of and you will find the option.

Just select the alignment option you want and click on it to apply to the existing content. Available with the latest Qubely update.

Please note, these alignments are dependent on themes, so it will matter how your theme defines these properties.

If you want to learn about other Qubely blocks, visit here.

Other Notable Improvements & Fixes

There are also a number of other updates and improvements that we have released with the latest versions of Qubely.

We made improvements in the interaction settings of each block. Now you can experience much more stable interactions with all of your Qubely blocks. There has also been an improvement in the navigation for all the carousel blocks that are available in Qubely- such as Testimonial Carousel, Post Carousel, Image Carousel, and Team Carousel.

There was some user feedback regarding some issues with the Team block’s social icons hover. After closely analyzing the situation and talking with our user-base we have fixed the issue. Apart from these, there were some under the hood performance improvements too. So you can expect a faster, more reliable Qubely experience.

If you are facing any problem with Qubely, you can always expect our support. Click here to learn more.

Tell Us What You Think

We are working hard to bring you the best Gutenberg block building experience with Qubely. But you also need to be a part of the journey. Your feedback is our oxygen.

Tell us what you think about the latest updates and how we can make it even better.

And if you still haven’t experienced Qubely for yourself, you can click here to do so.